How to Make Valentine's Day Cards

craft boxor lying around the house. The only thing that the kids need to bring is their sense of creativity.

What You'll Need


# Trace a heart onto red or pink construction paper using a stencil or heart shaped cookie cutter using a Crayons will als work. # Cut out the heart with the scissors. # Glue a heart shaped doily on top of the heart cutout using a glue stick. You should verify ahead of time that the heart cut out will be big enough to fit the doily on top of it. # Using regular glue, make designs on top of the doily and sprinkle with silver glitter and wait for it to dry. # Once you have finished the card and the glue has dried, use a felt tip pen to write a special message on the back of the card. You can do this with multiple layers, with pink, red and white construction paper hearts of different sizes stacked concentrically. Or you can go for a more random design, with tiny hearts or building cards for their entire class.

Other Options

Hearts aren't your thing? Some kids might enjoy these options, especially if they want to give something unique to their friends. !

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