Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

When you are an adult, you show your love with candy, flowers, and glitzy gifts. But how do you do this when your life savings amounts to two pounds--in pence? You do this with a handmade pressie of course! Valentine's Day is about many different kinds of love, especially for children, and the best thing about their valentines is that they are hand crafted. When they make those sticky masterpieces the children will have a blast and their valentine will have a unique token of their love and friendship.

Now that's something to celebrate!

Getting Craft Ready

In order to get ready for making your crafts be sure to pick up the right materials. Here are some basic craft supplies that are good to use for Valentine's Day crafts:

Paper and Writing Material

Construction Paper  is the almighty must-have for any type of craft. This paper is so versatile that it can be used to make anything from cards to ornaments and wreaths. Other types of craft paper include tissue paper ,tracing paper , and origami paper --for 3D crafts!


Like paper, fabric is a great thing to use for a craft's base. With paper or felt , one can make a Valentine's day basket that serves as a candy holder, card carrier, or a festive tote. Other good decorating fabrics are ribbons ,feathers  and--a Valentine favourite--the doily .


Sure, paint can be messy, but that is what crafts are all about. Create your masterpiece with watercolours  or washable craft paint . If painting doesn't sound too appealing, you may opt to decorate with sparkly glitter  and gum . Glitter always adds a nice touch!

Decorating Tools

Decorating your craft is the best part of the process. To ensure that you can decorate to your little heart's content, keep a big stock of crafting tools such as stamps ,stencils ,foam shapes , and (Chenille) pipe cleaners . Why pipe cleaners? Because you can bend and twist them to create anything you want! They can be used to make giant flowers, butterflies, and your very own heart hats.

Writing Material

When you have finished with your craft, you may want to write a little message to your valentine, or maybe even draw them a picture. Writing materials such as crayons ,markers , and glitter gum  are a fun and crafty way to get the message across.

More Craft Ideas

Heart Animals

Make cute animals with heart bodies.

Cracker Box Locker

Store your Valentine's Day cards in this unique carrier.


Tissue Paper Carnations

Foam Roses

Valentine's Day Bookmarks

Great gift for a literature buff.

Valentine Finger Puppet

Fun to make and fun to play with.