Valentine's Day Crafts for Children

From Valentine's Day parties to classroom activities, or even for fun on rainy days, arts and crafts is a great activity for kids. When it comes to Valentine's Day, red, pink, white, gold and silver are the colors to use regardless of what kind of activity you're doing. When in doubt, go for items that feature hearts and cupids, but don't discount the popular 'be mine' theme. There are thousands of different crafts that can be adjusted to suit V-Day as well as hundreds of others geared towards the holiday.

Materials And Decorations

The great thing about kids' crafts is that the only limitation to their creativity is the supplies you provide. Be sure you're well stocked on everything you might need to create something fun and you'll be guaranteed the kids will have a fantastic time. Here are some basic suggestions to contemplate.

Project Ideas

These are some quick and easy Valentine's Day craft ideas for kids of every age! 

Construction Paper Activities

* '''Cards''' ** Fold construction paper in half to create the base structure for the card and decorate as desired. ** Stencil, cut, and decorate card stock to make a special card. ** Using glitter pens, gel pens and markers is a fun way to write notes in cards. ** Glue doilies, hearts, and confetti to the insides. * '''Decorations''' ** Making banners is a great craft to prepare for a party! ** Paper and foam hearts can be glued or taped to streamers. ** Making and filling gift baskets for classrooms and teachers is one marvelous way to show appreciation. ** Gift baskets can have tissue paper, confetti, and an assortment of Valentine's Day candies. ** Cut various pieces and string together to make mobiles. ** Staple together heart cutouts to make a Valentine wreath. ** Glue cut outs from magazines to it to make collages.

Doily Projects

* Glue heart shaped doilies to construction paper and decorate to make pretty cards. * Doilies with embellishments make cute "secret admirer" notes. * Embellish and string together to make hanging decorations. * Make place mats with doilies, construction paper, and colored pencils or markers. Laminate to finish and seal the artwork.

Pipe Cleaner Crafts

* Twist pipe cleaners into different shapes. Try a heart or arrow shape with red or pink pipe cleaners.  * Cut out a heart shape piece of paper and layer with rows of pipe cleaners. * Crumple red tissue paper into a rose shape. Attach to a green pipe cleaner.  * Make Cupid's bow and arrow by tying string to a bent pipe cleaner. Use paper hearts for the tip of the arrow.

Valentine's Arts and Crafts Kits

Pre-packaged kits make your job easier. They provide instructions and come with all the materials. They're no sweat last-minute saviors!

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