Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

While Valentine's Day may be more important to women, that doesn't mean you special guy won't enjoy receiving a heartfelt gift as well. Surprise your sweetheart with something special this Valentine's Day. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself though, even if finding the perfect gift for your special guy can be frustrating. Men tend to be hard to buy for since they probably won't get as excited by a cute Valentine's Day gift. Even if you're expecting a extremely romantic gift that proves his love for you, chances are his expectations are lower than yours. So while you may enjoy a beautiful bouquet of roses or some chocolates, you will probably want to stay away from the traditional Valentine's Day gifts when buying for your guy.

Men will, though, appreciate something that they can use. Think about his interests or favorite activities or what he may have mentioned he wanted or needed. It can be tough since most men buy themselves whatever they want or need, but if you pay attention there's definitely something he hasn't gotten himself yet. Buying a gift that he will use will show him how much you care about his interests as well as how well you know him. There's a plethora of items to choose from that will make a great gift for your guy. Take a look at these tips to see if any of them help you narrow your choices.

Helpful Tips

Buy for him, not for you.

  • Make sure to go with his tastes over yours, especially when it comes to clothing. (Unless he's into designer shirts , you're better off going with his favorite brand.)
  • While you may want to make him smell great with a nice bottle of cologne , if he's not into that he will never use it. 

Get Rid of Girly Instincts

  • You know he won't like something cheesy, so stay away from items like cute stuffed animals. 
  • Even if you think those heart candies  are adorable, chances are he probably won't get too excited about them.

Use his interests

  • If you think about his favorite activities or hobbies you're sure to get something he'll use. Look for gifts that revolve around those activities.
  • Pay attention when he talks about his interests. He's probably talked about something he needs for his golf game or a new movie he would like to see.

Be Simple

  • There's no need to drive yourself crazy thinking of some over-the-top gift. While an extra thoughtful gift will definitely be appreciated, a gift that is too complex will not.
  • Even if you think its not unique or uncreative, its much better to go with a safe bet than trying something new that he may or may not like. So if he loves Seinfeld , don't hesitate to get him that dvd set.
  • Gift Certificates are always a good way to go. While they may seem insensitive to you, they allow him to buy what he really wants. 

For Every Type

Into Sports?

If your guy is into sports, there's no need to look any further. Any item that he can use when partaking in his favorite activity will be greatly appreciated and tell him you support his hobby. Get him a new golf bag  to help organize his golf clubs  or a new football  to kick around with. He will definitely notice that you put some extra thought into what he would like and use.

Baseball Glove 

Tennis Bag 

Ski Goggles 


Golf Balls 

Is he a Mr. Fix-It?

Is your guy always looking for a reason to use his tools? Does he love having the satisfaction of fixing things himself instead of calling a repair guy? If so, you may want to look into getting him some high-tech power tools. Items that show that admire how much effort he puts into fixing things will also show how much you appreciate his handiness.

Black & Decker Crosshair 

Black & Decker SmartDriver 

Zircon Multiscan Stud Finder 

Portable Tool Kit 

Little Giant Ladder 

Always at the office?

Every businessman is always looking for new ways to impress people at the office. Whether he's conversing with clients or speaking with his bosss, he has to look good and will appreciate any help you can give him. Your opinion matters to him, so he will most likely use your new addition to his wardrobe.

Mont Blanc Pen 


Cuff Links 



 A Sports Fanatic?

If your guy has a favorite team, he'll need a jersey to watch the big game or better yet, tickets to the big game. Whether he enjoys watching football or tennis, he will always appreciate new ways to support his favorite players and teams.




Autographed Memorabilia 

Team Novelties 

 Into the Outdoors?

If your guy loves spending outdoors, there's a variety of equipment to enhance his experience. Although he may not think he needs them, he will definitely appreciate the extra help from some additional equipment.

Outdoor Cooker 

Handheld GPS 

Tackle Box 

Camelback Hydration System 

Hand Crank Flashlight 

 Love Gadgets?

There's so much in the world of technology today, that you may have trouble keeping up it. You should definitely read up on and item before buying something super high-tech. If you're incredibly lost, going with a gift certificate to Best Buy or Radio Shack may be a better idea.

Sony PSP 


Satellite Radio 

Electronic Bartender 

GPS Golf Caddie 

 Additional Suggstions

If your guy isn't a specific type, see if any of these options work for him. 

DVD Sets 

Fight Club: A Novel 

Poker Chips 

Magazine Subscription