Valentine's Day Gifts for The Hopelessly Romantic

Are you always wearing your rose coloured glasses? Valentine's Day is meant to be the most romantic day of the year, and for hopeless romantics, it's their day to shine. Instead of just giving a hopeless romantic some chocolates, you might want to try to really sweep him or her off their feet. These gifts are made only for those who live and breathe romance.

Quick Picks

Magnetic Poetry: Romance 

Hopeless romantics will love adding romance to their refrigerator.

Heart Wine Stopper 

Keep your wine fresh-- the romantic way.

Champagne Flutes 

These champagne flutes are great for Valentine's Day dinner and romantic champagne toasts all year round.

His and Hers Towel Holder 

What could be cuter? These are great because they are totally functional and practical, as they can be used all year round.

Message in a Bottle 

Send your sweetie a message straight from your heart.

Personalized Fortune Cookies 

Give your sweetheart a cookie that sends the right message. Send him or her one that says "you will be swept off your feet tonight" and revel in the accuracy of fortune cookies.

Key to My Heart 

Give your loved one the greatest gift of all-- the key to your heart.

Love Frame 

There are hundreds of love related picture frames to choose from. Give your loved one a framed picture of you two together.

I love You Bracelet 

Nothing quite says "I love you" to a woman like a bracelet that has it written all over it.

Heart Rainboots 

Let your favourite gal wear your love, even on rainy days. Hopeless romantics go on rain or shine!

Heart Cookie Cutters 

Make your sweetheart some heart shaped cookies. The quickest way to anyone's heart is through their stomach.

Kama Sutra Game 

You might get distracted while playing this game.

Heart Alarm Clock 

Wake up to the only suitable alarm clock for the romance-loving.

Nickname PJs 

Personalize your sweetheart's PJs with your favourite pet name.

Name a Star

Name a star after your loved one! The International Star Registry has a special page giving tips and extras for those who want to name a star after their sweetie for V-Day.

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