Valentine's Day Decorations

I suppose the only way to make Valentine's Day enjoyable is by slapping heart shaped foil  on the wall and embracing it. This holiday, usually looked upon with either dread or anticipation, has become the hallmark symbol of lovers. But why should this day be exclusive to romance novels and love sonnets? The stress to have the perfect Valentine's day--namely to have a date--has been propagated by centuries worth of chocolate  pushers and stuffed animal manufacturers, but unbeknownst to them, they have been neglecting their greatest audience: the decorators. Make this holiday appealing to you, the decorator, and your many admirers by celebrating all types of love. Get together with family, friends, children and maybe throw in the occasional boyfriend or girlfriend. Have a decorating party, make each other cards, play games. And in taking this advice I assure you that your blood-pumping organ--strangely dissimilar to the common visage of the heart--will be joyous.

Ceiling Decorations 

A various assortment of decorations to hang from your ceiling (if you can reach it).

Table Centre-pieces 

From classy to...not so much classy as fabulously sparkly.

Valentines Day Cutouts 

On windows, walls, furniture, or any bare surface, these cut-outs are a must have decorating item. 


Honestly, who doesn't like balloons?

BONUS: If you blow them up with a helium pump , you can inhale the helium and make yourself completely unrecognisable to the receiving end of a crank call.


Use for adding a decorative touch to gifts, banisters, or anything that can be wound up. 


Traditionally, you would choose red roses, but all roses say something different.  Be sure to choose the appropriate colour:

  • Red: Love and romance.
  • Pink: Admiration.
  • Yellow: Friendship.
  • Purple: Enchantment.
  • White: New beginnings (e.g. marriage).
  • Orange: Passionate desire.


Make a holiday declaration with a banner.

Cookie Cutters 

Sweets are probably the hottest selling items during this time of year. But what is better than buying them? Making them of course. 


Nothing creates a good atmosphere like some fun outdoor (or indoor) lanterns. Bright but not blinding, just as God intended.


There is nothing better than snuggling up to your sweetheart when it is a pillow--much more comfortable than a human being.


Mood lighting.

Heart Shaped Vase 

If you want to dress up those pretty roses even more, get a festive heart vase. Great for housing flowers or other little gifts.

Additional Information

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