Video Game Controllers

Bargain hunters despair cost official controller manufactured by the company that makes the console often leads to frustration. Even though the official controller often drains your wallet, think of the purchase as a sound investment. Buying a solid, durable controller once is cheaper than buying two or three flimsy devices that break after a month. Bear in mind this rule of thumb as you shop for the best deal. For a more comprehensive look at gamepads, check out the gamepad buying guide.


While we've got cost on the brain, make a note of the figure $80 Shock'>Dual Shock.


Color and shape are also huge factors, especially for giftfurnished, conservative type, think twice about getting him a flaming orange GameCube stick. If your granddaughter's bedroom is full of stuffed animals, hold off on getting her a drab, black Dual Shock.


Controllers have a way of ending up sprawled on the floor in an unruly mess. This makes