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Video games have come a long way since Pong came on the scene. From the latest in fast processors to the best in graphic design technology, video games are always on the cutting edge. A few major systems dominate the market and are in constant competition for the yay or nay of the consumer. There were major releases from all of the major manufacturers in 2006: the PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Wii, and the XBox 360.

Even though there are only a handful of platforms, the number of games is almost infinite and hundreds of games are released every year. Although some games are proprietary to a certain system, many are released for multiple platforms. For example, the Mario games are only available for Nintendo systems, but the various Grand Theft Auto games are available on several different systems.

Gamers on the go should be sure to check out ShopWiki's guide to Handheld Gaming for information on the hottest portable systems and games. Have fun.

Current Gaming Systems

Microsoft Xbox 360

The Xbox 360  is Microsoft's flagship gaming console right now.  It is very similar to the Playstation 3, most of the games are the same with negligible graphical differences, and both systems feature live online play.  Xbox 360s are typically cheaper than PS3s, depending on what package you get.  However, 360s are not equipped to play Blu Ray DVDs like the PS3, which is becoming an issue as the format becomes more popular.

Xbox 360 Exclusives

Halo 3 

Get ready for fast paced action in this alien warfare themed first person shooter.  The latest instalment of the series, Halo Reach  will be released Winter 2010.

Gears of War 2 

A first person shooter like Halo, but Gears stresses cover and fire techniques instead of run and gun gameplay.

Left 4 Dead 

Mow down waves of unrelenting zombies with your friends online.

Forza Motorsport 3 

Take a your favourite American muscle car or Asian import for a spin on the world's most exotic racetracks.


Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii  was a huge risk by the Japanese company.  Instead of stressing next generation graphical performance like its competition, the Wii provides truly unique gameplay with motion sensor controls.  The risk evidently paid off, as the Wii appeals to a broad demographic of people, both young and old.  The Wii primarily caters towards the younger audience with cartoon themed games.

Wii Exclusives

Super Smash Bros. Brawl 

Get ready to smash the buttons with this fighting game featuring all your favourite characters from the Nintendo universe.

Mario Kart Wii 

Mario Kart is, quiet simply, the best multiplayer racing game ever.

Zak and Wiki: Quest for Barboros's Treasure 

This pirate adventure game received rave reviews for its engrossing gameplay.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii 

If you liked classic Mario games you're going to love this modern take.


Playstation 3

The Playstation 3  originally was deemed too expensive, and utilized so many next generation technologies, people didn't even own the right equipment take advantage of them.  Now, a few years later, with HD LCD televisions being mainstream and the price of the system dropping, the PS3 seems like a pretty good buy for its gaming and Blu Ray capabilities.

PS3 Exclusives

Gran Turismo 5 

The graphics in this game are so realistic you cannot tell the difference between real photos and screenshots of the cars.  This driving simulator is second to none.

Killzone 2 

In this first-person shooter you have to utilize the lean and peak cover system to survive.


This unique puzzle platform jumping game provides hours of creative, family friendly fun.

Metal Gear Solid 4 

Sneak around and perform tactical espionage in the latest edition of the Metal Gear Solid series.


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