Votive Holders and Tealights Buying Guide

Votive holders and tealights can be kept anywhere and on any surface.  They are mainly used for holding candles. Commonly used ones are normally made out of glass and hence are very affordable.  Votive holders and tealights are becoming very famous as they add a distinct touch to the décor. 


They are generally made of wood, bronze, crystal, glass and metal. The metallic variety will also include the ones made of wrought iron, aluminium, bronze and brass, while the organic category has votive holders made of coconut and bamboo. Votive holders and Tealight Holders can be frosted, hanging, coloured, or personalised ones. 

Why Use Votive holders and Tealights?

  • Interiors can be enhanced when decorative votive holders or the ones with colourful attachments are used.
  • They can be used for creating a romantic mood or statement with ease.
  • Designs can range from modern to medieval styles; choose them based on the style of the décor where they are going to be used.  For instance, wood votive holders and tealights are ideal for placing on office desks or coffee tables.
  • For outdoor yards or patios, hanging tea lights in glass can act as wonderful accessory.
  • If you like funky designs then choose votive holders and tealights including butterflies, birds, bees, cartoon characters, animal shapes and so on.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Valentine Votive Holders Sampler Holder :

This is a perfect addition for that romantic evening. 

Triple Heart Votive Holder :

In clear or pink glass bubble tea light votive, this holder suits any mood, occasion or room scheme. 

Glass Votive Candle Holders :

You can use them as candle holders or pencil, pen holders. 

Quick Picks

Crystal 'Dorchester' Votive 

It is ideal for the traditional decor set up. 

Mirrored Votive Holder, Green :

It has a reindeer cut out design in matt green outer finish.   

Tealight, Hearts Lantern :

Designed with a contemporary rustic feel, the lantern has small hearts cut outs to let the light pour out beautifully.    

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