Waffle Makers Buying Guide

Crafting a perfect waffle, no matter how great the batter, cannot be achieved without an exceptional tool. Waffles can come in lots of different shapes and range in thickness and ingredients. A waffle maker will help you perfect the type of waffle that you want.  Consider the features below when selecting one that's right for you.


* '''Browning Control''': The crispness and darkness of the waffle can be set to your liking. This is not a necessary feature, but some waffle enthusiasts consider it a requirement. * '''Capacity:''' The number of waffles that can be made simultaneously. Choose between 2 and 4 waffle models, or go for the one-waffle Belgian style maker setup that makes one large, thick, round, (but still divisible) waffle. You may also like having a pizzelle press instead of a waffle maker which makes thinner, wafer-like treats. * '''Waffle Shape''': Round, square, quarters, Mickey Mouse, and of course, waffle sticks. * '''Chime Feature''': A bell to indicate waffle completion and assure that it is perfectly golden brown. This allows you to walk away from the waffle maker and do other things without having to be constantly vigilant. * '''Versatility''': Waffle makers have been diversified to include sandwich makers and grills, but the best waffles do not share with paninis or steaks. If you must buy a multi-function machine, make sure the aforementioned features are not excluded from the waffle maker. * '''Price''': Expect to spend at least $30 to $40 for a waffle maker.


Some of these waffle makers have multi functions that allow you to flip the waffle over, control browning, avoid escaping batter with a spill trough, and take your waffles easily off of the griddle with non stick coating. Pick the model that best suits you for the utmost convenience and the most perfect waffles.  


Everyone likes to make their waffle batter differently, but always make sure that you have the key ingredients before you start. Check out this website for some fun and interesting recipes and the basic recipes as well. Also, be sure to have a spatula, timer, whisk and mixing bowls on hand so that they will be accessible to you while you are cooking.


Whether you are making breakfast or a sundae, don't forget to leave these extra items off your list. And if you want to make an especially delicious treat, why not pick up some ice cream? A few scoops will give you a tasty waffle sandwich or dessert. Also, considered flavored syrup or butter to add to your waffles.

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