Wallets and Purses Buying Guide

Wallets and purses are needed to carry cash, credit cards , identity cards, and other items. Purses made of fabric have been around since ancient times to carry coins , but wallets originated in the West after the introduction of paper money. Besides their functional use for holding your mobile, MP3 player, and other assorted day-to-day accessories ,wallets  and purses are often used as fashion statements.  


Billfolds are conventionally made from leather ; alligator or crocodile wallets are top-of-line products that are deemed quite elegant. Purses are also sometimes made from leather or fabrics such as PVC, though those in the younger set may prefer those made from denim or canvas. A woman on an evening out may even use a purse of satin or silk. You can usually find these bags in variety of colours, with brown  and black  being the most popular as they are easy to match with shoes and provide a classically elegant look.

Types and Designs

Wallets are generally compact enough to carry in the hip, front, or breast pockets, while purses are carried separately, in the hand. When choosing a wallet, it really comes down to how you want to organise your identification, credit and bank cards, and business cards.

Bifold Wallets 

A simpler style with less bulk. Generally, you can't go wrong with a bifold as a gift.

Trifold Wallets 

Trifolds can feel more organised as everything is laid out clearly in front of you.

Breast Pocket Wallets 

A larger style made for the front pocket; not to be confused with front pocket wallets or money clips.

Zip Wallets 

This option gives you an extra layer of protection from pickpockets, and lets you hold more in your wallet--like cheques.

Of course, there are alternatives  to carrying around a wallet, especially if you're just running to the market for some milk:


Handbags are generally used so women can have their mobile phone, pen, small mirror, lipstick, and other personal items with them wherever they go. Men sometimes utilise a small messenger bag  as well, especially if they have a lot of gadgets to carry. There are tons of options to consider when looking to buy a handbag.


A small handbag that can carry the basics; this is not the purse for a hoarder. Clutches are often worn with formal attire as not to overpower a dress or suit.


A roomier style, satchel handbags are a bit more bohemian. Material here can make the difference between student and style maven.


A simple style that's favourable for storage. The preferred style for mothers and beachgoers who need a bag that can carry a lot.


An over-the-shoulder style bag that's suitable for travel. Besides messenger bags, men are most likely to use a sling bag.

Laptop Bag 

As the name indicates, this is a messenger-style bag built to carry laptops. They can be quite plain or briefcase-like, or they may resemble designer totes.


Yes, even your accessories sometimes need accessories . Wallets are in and of themselves purse accessories , but don't stop there! Have you thought about pouches to provide compartmentalised storage? Purses may require special make-up pouches  to protect the interior lining from stains.

Handbag hooks  are another fun addition to purses; carry this small hook with you and you'll never be without a place to hang your bag. There are also handbag organisers  that allow you to take everything you need from purse to purse--while staying organised. 

Popular Brands

Quick Picks


Black Beaded Evening Lace Purse 

Available in various colours and sizes, you choose the perfect one that suits your attire. This beaded purse comes integrated with colourful beads and stones.  

Ben Sherman Leather Wallet 

Made from genuine leather and has enough space to carry all your needed documents and cash.   

Hello Kitty Soft Toy Purse 

This purse is mostly used by small children; it is made from soft fabric and is available in two different colours.  

Black Satin Floral Purse 

This satin purse serves a variety of functions. It comes in two different lengths and has removable metal chains that give an elegant look. 

Golunski Leather Travel Wallet 

This silk-lined travel wallet is specially designed to hold air tickets, travel documents, and passports. 

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