Water Filters Buying Guide

If you're worried about what's lurking around in your tap water or want to reduce your carbon footprint by getting rid of plastic bottles , investing in a water filter may be the ideal choice for you.  Check out the following guide for information on different types of filters  and how they work. 

Your Options

Filter Types

Activated Carbon Filter 

This filter works by using positively charged ions and highly absorbent carbon to attract any impurities in your water.  You can use this on your tap or under the sink to get rid of chlorine, heavy metals like copper and lead, parasites, pesticides and other volatile chemicals.

Cation Exchange Softener 

This filter softens your hard water by eliminating minerals like calcium and magnesium that often get stuck in your plumbing fixtures and subsequently cause health problems.


This filter boils your tap water and then recondenses it into a more purified steam form.  Used on your counter top or in conjunction with carbon filters, distillers eliminate dangerous heavy metals.

Reverse Osmosis 

An internal membrane separates impurities, but causes you to lose a bit of water in the process.  These are often used under your sink or in conjunction with carbon and UV disinfection filters to  get rid of most contaminants.

Ultraviolet Disinfection 

Like a reverse osmosis filter, an internal membrane separates impurities from the water using ultraviolet light. It is commonly used under the sink and gets rid of most harmful  contaminants.

Things to Remember

Handle with care

  • No filter can continue to work perfectly without routine cleaning and maintenance. If you neglect to clean your filter, contaminants can build up, causing clogging and dirty water.
  • Check the manufacturer's maintenance directions before you clean, because every filter is different. Some filters only require a cartridge change, while others are better maintained by s professional.

Major Manufacturers

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