Why Purified Water?

Doctors recommend that you drink at least eight glasses of water everyday, but what many doctors fail to mention is the quality of those 64 ounces. Most tap water is chlorinated for sanitation purposes, but while chlorine is killing the disease-causing bacteria, the friendly bacteria in our bodies are also dying. The 'friendly' bacteria protect your body from harmful pathogens, aid in digestion, and create vitamins such as K and B12. Chlorinated water disrupts this natural balance within the body, and introduces toxins capable of generating free radicals and carcinogens, while exacerbating the symptoms of asthma, acne, and eczema. Using some kind of filter saves money over buying bottled water and since bottled water is not necessarily any better than tap water, it might also be healthier for you! The value of purified water is obvious, but in a world filled with so many methods of purification, what does one choose?

Types of Water Filtration Systems


Major Manufacturers

* Kenmore * WaterWise * Brita * PUR