Wedding Colour Schemes


The colours you choose for your wedding will set the style and tone for the entire event, so you will have to choose wisely.  Think about the mood and feeling that you hope to convey at your wedding and then put some colour into it!   

Gather Your Thoughts 

You will obviously want to choose colours that you love, but sometimes it can be hard to find hues that will appropriately coordinate with other aspects of the wedding.  

  • Try to limit your main colours to two or three selections and stay consistent with these throughout the wedding planning.  You don't want to jumble too many shades together.
  • Use a few subdued colours for an elegant look.  You can still have the lime green and brown, but maybe add a touch of a soft white to keep it from becoming too shocking. 
  • Think about the venue and try to coordinate colours that will accent the rugs, scenery, etc.  This will only help to bring out the beauty of your wedding.
  • Consider the mood you are looking to create.  Remember that bold colours create a sense of drama and softer hues will be more romantic.    
  • Go with the season.  Lighter colours will be easier to work with in the spring and summer, whereas richer hues are more dominant for the autumn and winter seasons.

The Colour Wheel


Look to the colour wheel for inspiration, as it will easily help you choose shades for the wedding.  The wheel is made up of three primary colours -- blue, red, and yellow -- and their in-between shades.  There are then three popular strategies to implement when selecting colours: 

  • Complementary: Choose colours that are directly opposite each other on the wheel. 
    • Example: red and green
  • Analogous:  Choose colours that are next to each other on the wheel. 
    • Example: red, red-orange, and orange
  • Monochromatic:   Choose variations of the same colour. 
    • Example: bright red, dark red, etc. 

Ways to Use Colour 

Start with the basics and then incorporate your selected hues into the details.

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