Wedding Favours Buying Guide

Buying wedding favours for your guests can be tricky. While these gifts should be simple, you don't want them to be something that your guests will never use or end up throwing away. Although not completely necessary, wedding favours serve as little tokens of appreciation to all your guests. You want to choose ones that show how happy you are that they are there to help you celebrate your special day. There are many different directions to go with favors and you want to be sure to pick ones that your guests will appreciate, but still appropriate for your wedding. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


One of the key things to keep in mind is packaging and presentation.

  • Favours should go with the over all theme of your wedding and the season in which your wedding takes place. If you're having a spring wedding, pastel coloured items will make cute table tops, but if you're having your wedding in the fall, pastel colours would be inappropriate.
  • Choosing wedding appropriate items is also a big part of the presentation as well. Heart-shaped  items go with the theme of any wedding and make great table decorations. If you wrap them in a cute bag or little box, chocolates  or candies  make tasty gifts that also work for most weddings.
  • Presentation also depends on where you intend to hand out these little favours. If they are going on table tops they should match other table decorations or maybe you plan on handing them out as guests are leaving. Either way they should be presented tastefully and match your wedding.


Making your favours personalized is also very important.

  • These items serve as little reminders to guests of your special day. Whether its engraved ,monogrammed  or written on a ribbon, every favour should somehow indicate that it was given to them from the bride and groom on their wedding day.
  • Personalized gifts are definitely more special and more appreciated because they show some extra thought and consideration. If they aren't personalized, they become something guests could have gotten anywhere and aren't as unique.

Here are some helpful suggestions

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