Wedding Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for a wedding can sometimes be confusing.  Gifts range from unique and modern to traditional and classic, so there are variety to pick from. When choosing a gift you'll want to first decide what kind of gift you want to buy and what kind of couple you're buying for. Do you want to be creative or traditional or are you buying for a young couple or for an older couple? You have to think about what would be most appropriate, yet something that they will use and enjoy. For couples that are moving in together something as simple as flatware  would make a great gift. But if you want to be more creative you could go for something they can use on their honeymoon such as champagne  or beach accessories .  Take a look at these gift guides and helpful suggestions to see what might work for you.

Specific Guides

Gifts for Young Couples

  • Young couples are often moving into together, so housewarming items are always appreciated.
  • Take a look at these suggestions to find something that the couple will definitely appreciate.

Bridal Party Gifts

  • If you're the one getting married, you'll want to give your bridal party something that will show your appreciation.
  • Little tokens or keepsakes from your wedding will show how grateful you are for all their help on your special day.

Wedding Favours

  • This guide can help you pick out the perfect favors to match your wedding.
  • They can make great table decorations that can be taken with guests as souvenirs of the wedding

Silver Wedding Gifts

  • Couples who are celebrating their 25th anniversary often have what is called a Silver Wedding.
  • Commemorating a quarter of a century together should be celebrated in a big way so make sure to pick out a great gift.

Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage

  • What was appropriate for a first marriage may not be for someone's second marriage.
  • Take a look at these suggestions to help pick out the perfect gift for a second marriage.

Quick Picks 

Stand Mixer 

Cooking Knives 




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