Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage

If one or both parties in couple are getting married for a second time, you may not want to go with the traditional wedding gift. They've already gone through a wedding so items that are good for a first wedding, may not be as appreciated or as appropriate for a second marriage. Although the couple is sure to appreciate anything you get them, you don't want to send the wrong message with an inappropriate gift. But also remember that this marriage is no less important than their first one and its ok to celebrate their union in a big way. It's still a very joyous occasion, so live it up.


  • Most couples who are getting remarried aren't in need of household items, so you may want to stay away from housewarming gifts.
  • However, if you know the couple is need of something for their home such as wine glasses, then go for the household items. The key is not getting them something they already have.
  • Practical gifts, though, such as candles  or wedding photo album  are definitely appreciated.
  • Try and think about the couple's personalities or interests. Something they can use or do together.
  • Be sentimental. They are getting married and celebrating their love for each other, even if it is for the second time, so don't be afraid to go for romantic gift ideas.
  • Fun and light hearted gifts such as a digital camera  or camcorder always make great and useful gifts.

Gift Ideas

Gift Baskets 

  • Gift Baskets are fun and easy to be creative. There are so many possible combinations that enable you to create the perfect basket.
  • Think about what kind of food and drinks the couple would enjoy the most.
  • You could buy one pre-made or try and create your own
    • Pre-made baskets can be a little pricey
    • If you create your own, you can make it specific to a particular couple


Picnic Set 

  • Picnics are a great way for the couple to spend some quality time together.
  • Whether they have families they want to take a long or plan a romantic outing for two, picnic set will give them all the necessary tools.
  • Similarily to gift baskets, you can buy them pre-made or create your own.
    • If you choose to create your own, you can make it unique and specific to the couple's taste.
    • if you know they like a certain kind of wine or love candles , creating your own basket is a great and easy way to include those things.

Trips and Experiences

  • If you're willing to spend the extra cash, buying the couple a weekend getaway is a great gift.
    • You could always have friends chip in to help purchase the perfect romantic getaway.
    • Book them the honeymoon suite at a beach resort or ski lodge in order to ensure a romantic weekend.
    • Cruises are always fun to do together as well, even if its for only an evening.
  • Gifts that they can use together are fun and romantic.
    • You could book them golfing lessons together or maybe a cooking class.
    • Tickets to a broadway show or play can help create a romantic night out.
    • A day at the spa relaxing together will also be greatly appreciated
  • Depending on whether or not they are adventurous, you could go for something more extreme.
    • Hot air balloon rides or a scuba diving trip make very unique gift ideas as well as an exciting experience they can share together.
  • Always be thinking of their interests and try to get something that they can do together.
    • If the groom loves hiking, but the bride hates the outdoors, you may want to stay away from any hiking gear.
    • Try to go for their common interests rather than split up the gifts. Don't get golf clubs for the groom and a day at the spa for the bride.
    • Things they can do together are much more romantic and wedding appropriate.

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