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You have the fabulous gown, a smashing pair of strappy heels, a gorgeous flowing veil, and dangling diamond chandelier earrings. But have you put any thought into how to make the most out of your look? It's not uncommon for brides to seek out to fitness experts a month before the wedding frantically hoping to get in shape overnight. However, most fitness pros recommend that you start working out six months in advance to your wedding (or more when possible). In fact, if you currently don't have an exercise regimen, it's never too soon to get started. Moreover, if you are at all body conscious or if you have even had a smidgen of doubt about how you'll look on the day of your wedding, it's time to get cracking! Having a fitness routine not only helps trim and tone your body, but it makes you feel better inside, look better outside, and improve your health from head to toe. The key to any fitness program, whether you have five pounds to lose or 50, is to do it for yourself and to do it for life. There are hundreds of women who decide that they want to look great on their wedding day, sweat and toil for months in advance, and then come honeymoon time, they already start regressing into old habits. Part of the problem with wanting to look good just for your wedding, is that it's not seen as a gradual process or as something permanent, but rather as a temporary feat. Consider though, six months of working out three times a week for at least 30 minutes. That comes to a minimum of 36 hours, which isn't that much. However, that time spent in the gym can make a tremendous difference in how you look and feel. Don't forget though, like all diet and exercise programs, you need to couple workouts with positive eating habits. Here's how to get started so that you'll be looking absolutely fabulous in time to walk down the aisle! Don't forget to check out the Sports and Recreation section here at ShopWiki where you can find everything you'll need to get into the best shape of your life.


* Expect to lose only one or two pounds a week. This is a healthy rate to lose weight and it will ensure that you keep the weight off even after the wedding. * Dropping caloric intake by 300 to 500 calories a day combined with exercise will help you lose weight gradually. * Mentally preparing yourself to start an exercise routine isn't enough. You'll need to remodel your lifestyle too. ** Take one week before your exercise start date to make sure it fits in your schedule and that you'll be able to regularly attend. ** During this week keep track of what you eat, calories consumed, what time, and how you feel after eating. A food diary is indispensable for monitoring eating and breaking the bad habits. ** Finally, clear out the pantry and fridge of any "bad" foods (fried, sugary, refined carbs, etc.) and replace them with fruits, vegetables, lean meats and/or legumes, and whole grains. Less temptation makes it easier to stick to your diet. * Carry water and fresh fruit or another healthy snack with you to ward off vending machine visits and to keep you full and hydrated. * Balance your workout routine with cardio, weight training, and yoga or pilates. This covers big muscles, essential to burning calories, cardio to burn fat, and stretching to keep your muscles lean and long. If you are completely unfamiliar with working out, you might consider hiring a personal trainer. Personal trainers are even a great idea if you are a seasoned exerciser. Sometimes their watchful eye is the only way to help break a plateau. * Take advantage of fun activities that burn calories. Walking (or shopping), ice skating, swimming, playing tennis, or inline skating are ways to exercise without feeling like it's a chore. * Steer clear of fad diets. * When you are in need of motivation, look to your spouse-to-be to work out with you.

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