Wedding Place Cards Buying Guide

From the colour of the bows in the flower girl's hair to the dimensions of the dance floor, there are many little details to attend to when planning a wedding .  But just because something is a small detail does not mean it should be overlooked.  Sometimes, the most intricate item can have the biggest impact on a guest, or better yet, it may even be the finishing touch that helps tie everything together.  And when you're deciding on what your wedding place cards should look like, it's important to think about them in this "grander scheme" context.  They need to be cleanly and accurately executed and fit in with the existing theme of the wedding.  Whether or not their design is unique and therefore memorable on its own is entirely up to your personal taste and budget.  

What They Should Say

Place cards can range from very minimal to fairly detailed. 

  • Aside from any design they may have, some cards simply include a line in the lower right-hand corner that reads: "Table __".
  • Other place cards may have the person's name pre-printed along with the table number.
  • Extras may include added information like the date of the wedding, and it may also have the entire phrase written out:  "You are seated at table number __".
  • You have the choice of getting completely blank place cards and handwriting the relevant information on each.

Place Card Ideas

There are tons of unique ideas out there for place cards.  So if you're looking for something with a little added interest, do some window shopping.  Browse bridal magazines, websites and shops along with speciality stationary stores to get inspiration.  And check out some of our favourite ideas below:

Picture Frame Place Cards 

Picture frame place cards double as great wedding favours.  Plus, if you spend the money on elegant picture frames, you can get away with handwriting your place cards instead of spending even more money and time on professional printing.

Favour Box Place Card Holders 

Another great two-in-one idea, favour boxes with personalized ribbons stating names and tables are eye-catching and thoughtful.

Metal Place Card Holders 

Metal place card holders--whether they're simple wire or sterling silver--can add a unique touch to your place cards.  Try designs like church bells, hearts, animals or even monograms.

Sea Shell Place Card Holders 

If you're having a beachy destination wedding, don't be afraid to bring some of the outside in.  

Bud Vase Place Card Holders 

Adding fresh flower buds alongside your place card is a great way to sprinkle some colour into your wedding reception while providing your guests with a fresh, fragrant wedding favour.

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