Wedding Place Cards

calligrapher. However, to save money you can always write the names on the cards yourself. If you aren't one to stick to the rules, remember that this is your wedding and there is no limit to how creative you can get. Consider place cards that lend themselves to the overall ambiance that you are trying to create, whether it is based on a wedding favors to indicate a person's seat.

About Escort Cards

Escort cards are similar to place cards, however they are usually given to guests as they enter the reception hall in order to guide them to their assigned seat. The outer envelope will state the guest's name and inside the envelope a card will have the table name or number on it. Escort cards are very cost effective because if you are tentative about seating or about the final guest count you can easily swap around the inner cards to move people around last minute. The same is not true with traditional calligrapher place cards. An alternative to escort cards is a bulletin board style seating chart. These artistically done charts can be very effective. Most companies will allow you to customize the charts to fit your needs and preferences.

Table Cards

Get creative with your table cards! They don't have to be boring numbers. If you have a theme, use it to your advantage. For example, a fall wedding would have table names such as red maple, oak, elm, birch, cottonwood, sycamore, etc. A spring wedding might use flower names such as rose, hydrangea, orchid, lily, iris, or violet. A beach wedding could have names of the beaches or shells on each table card. Finally, use table cards as a way to display your interests. They can be themed around your favorite vacation spots, movies, or books. You can even make each table card unique by including a bit about the cards meaning or significance to the couple.

Menu Cards

An interesting option to the standard place card is a Menu Cards?