Wedding Planning and Organising Guide


The big day is around the corner and, like many soon-to-be-married couples, I'm sure the idea of planning your wedding is not on the list of fun things to do. You may be thinking that a big luxurious wedding is too complicated to plan, but you're wrong! By using a few simple organizational techniques, planning ahead and taking deep breaths, you can have the wedding of your dreams while keeping a bit of your sanity.

Manage Your Time

The moment that you are engaged, do yourself a favour and book your wedding at least a year in the future. Why? Most of us are procrastinators and no matter how well organised you are, there are bound to be conflicts with vendors, the bridal party and guests.  So when you are trying to coordinate morning suits  and bridesmaid dresses, book a chapel, set the tables for the reception and make sure everything is legal.  The only thing that can get you through these problems is time to fix them.

Manage Your Stress

When planning your wedding, stress is inevitably going to follow. If you give yourself enough time to deal with vendors, the reception hall, and bridesmaids, your stress level will be much lower.

If you are still worried about stress or the wedding is consuming your life, book a day at the spa or in your bath. Even a couple of hours away from planning can clear your head and make the experience more enjoyable. Don't forget you are planning a celebration--granted it is probably the most important celebration of your life. The more you can relax, the more you will appreciate the big day when it arrives.

Involve Your Fiancé

Stop making excuses that your man doesn't have a clue about design and colour coordination. He is probably your greatest ally in your wedding planning journey. If you can't relinquish control, be sure to hold the rights to approve all decisions, but it wouldn't hurt to make him run some errands for the wedding.

Make a Wedding Binder

When you start your planning, there are going to be many pieces of paper to sort through. To make it easier, many brides-to-be create a wedding binder with pockets to keep fabric samples, pricing quotes, and pictures of different things from flower arrangements to dresses.

Some things to make note of in your binder:

Legal Matters

  • In all the hubbub, don't forget that most important of items: the marriage license!
  • If you're planning a destination wedding or an exotic honeymoon, be aware of laws and visa requirements for those countries.