Wedding Planning and Organizing

Trying to manage a thousand tasks at once is simply exhausting regardless of how organized you are. When to pick up the tuxedos, when the florist will drop off the planning a celebration! Parties are fun and you should be having as much of a good time planning this one as the next. Easier said than done, you say? Here are some tips to help you manage stress and fight the pressure so that you can have an enjoyable experience planning your wedding. * '''Learn to Manage Your Time''' : Do not underestimate how quickly time goes. You may have just gotten engaged, but there is no time like the present to banish your old habits of procrastination and learn to checklist. * '''Deal with Stress Effectively''' : The more time you leave to work around conflicts and other unexpected difficulties, the calendar or in your agendas. That way, both the bride and groom can help get things done, which saves time, and you won't be tripping over each other's feet. : The groom should choose about half of the items on the list first. That way he gets to be involved and not feel like the wedding planning is a chore, plus, he probably could care less about what flowers the bride carries. However, if you find yourselves arguing about who does what, or even what the other wants, just remember to be flexible, compromise, and work together as a team. * '''Get a Handle on the Paperwork''' : With a million and one things to keep track of you are going to need a simple way of keeping it organized. If you aren't 8.5" x 11" binder to which you can add the following sections as needed: ** '''Calendar''' sites'>wedding Web sites that offer free checklists. ** '''Vendor Contact List''' Designer'>cake designer, etc. ** '''Shopping Ideas''' Favors'>favors. Then when you start shopping, you'll have everything you need organized and on hand. **seating chart for the ceremony and reception. ** '''Budgeting and Payment Info''' Budgeting'>budget, payment schedules, invoices, receipts, and other financial notes that you need to keep organized. ** '''Clear Vinyl Pocket '''Themes'>themes, or any other aspect of the planning that you see fit. * '''Build a Wedding Web Site ''' : For anyone who is Internet savvy, or for those who simply enjoy an extra level of convenience, consider creating a personalized wedding Web site. It will keep you organized and it will help you plan. * '''Legal Responsibilities ''' : Marriage might be the union of two people in love, but it's also a legal contract. Don't forget to get the destination wedding abroad need a safe spot where they can be kept.