Weight Training

Let me ask you this one question: were you the science fiction  groupie that everybody picked on in primary, maybe even secondary school? If you answered yes, then it is likely you have a beef with the Sainsford Prep. git who made your life hell. Unfortunately for him, his promising career as a pro rugby player is limited to school yard nostalgia; while your successful soliciting practice supports the guest bedroom's ever-expanding action figure  collection--you were, after all, never much of a sportsman. Although he is still thick as a brick, he has somehow managed to infiltrate your life as the neighbourhood dustbin  emptier; this situation poses a problem for you. As aquanaut Gordon stares at you from a miniature Thunderbird Four, you think, "This crooked nose must be avenged!". Yet before you have a chance to get excited, the daunting process of "How?" erects a barricade in front of your plan. It doesn't take long for Gordon's plastic biceps to give you the answer: sweet payback.

Since you don't have any biceps of your own, you may want to purchase a few weights , so that you can get big and strong. 

Tools of the Beef-Eater

Hand Weights 

These weights are best when you don't want to be restricted to a certain area or machine. They are good for travelling weight lifters, since they are easily portable, and also for people who like to be creative with their exercises. If you know a lot of floor or mat  routines, have limited space, or like to switch things up frequently, these are the weights for you. They are typically lighter, so they are great for toning!


  Barbells are long bars that have weight plates  on each side to increase or decrease your resistance. These weights enable you to progress to the next level of training without the necessity of a new set.


Dumbbells are a combination of hand weights and barbells. They are suitable for isolated use (i.e. they are made smaller so they can be used individually or as a pair to exercise both right and left sides). Like the barbell, many of them have removable plates which, combined with the size, make them the most versatile weights.

Home Gyms 

 Home gyms provide you with an array of exercises all in one machine. These machines can be quite large and costly, but if you have the space and the money, they may be a good investment. The good thing about these machines is that, as everything is all set up for you, you can put little to no thought in the workout process. But if you get bored with you like a more versatile system, then dumbbells or hand weights might be best for you. 

Useful Extras

Exercise Bench 

Exercise Balls

Weight Lifting Belts 

Exercise Mat 

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