Weight Training

In this page you will find all of the information you need to purchase products that have to do with weight training. For novices, there is information on training and fitness, as well as all the necessary products you might need to get started. For experienced lifters, click on the product links below to go directly to what you want. For beginners who are looking to get into weight training or weightlifting, be aware that not all products are the same. Dumbbells will offer different advantages to you over home gyms and vice versa. Depending on your specific fitness needs, budget range, and personal preferences, you may find that one system will work better than the other. You might also want to go directly to the guides pertaining to dumbbells and home gyms for even more detailed information.

Start Lifting

Weight training is a great activity to get into.  Not only is it a fun way to get your 30 minutes of exercise a day, but it will make you look and feel great.  Here are some quick tips for those who are taking the first steps to get the body of their dreams. * Warming up and stretching are imperative.  These steps make sure your blood is pumping and your joints are warm, so that your muscles will function properly. * Keep the first week of exercise light.  Focus on learning proper technique rather than overly exerting yourself. * Keep your spine straight and don't writhe to lift heavy weight.  If you are doing this, you need to lift less. * Remember to breathe.  This is harder than it sounds when you are lifting a lot.  It helps to purse your lips and blow while you lift. * Stretching and lightly working out on your off days aids in recovery.

Basic Gear

If you don't want to put down the monthly fee for a gym membership, you can still get just as good a workout in your recreation room with this equipment.

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