Wellies Buying Guide

Wellies  is a nickname for Wellington Boots . They are rubber boots  used particularly in wet seasons to walk on wet and muddy ground. They are also used during cold weather to keep the legs warm. They are generally made of rubber  and have non-slip soles. Heavy duty wellies  are useful for farm and garden  activities. Measure your calf size for best possible fit. They are different boot  lengths such as ankle  length,  mid-calf and knee -high  length. Wide calf  and ankle wellies are other classifications.

Types of Wellies

 Funky  orfloral , wellies come in every colour you can possibly think of.funky wellies 

  • Buckle Type Wellies : These buckle type wellies are available in unisex  styles and as separate designs.  They are highly suitable for walking.   
  • Lace Up Wellies : These lace up wellies are made of rubber outside and nylon inside making them suitable for use during heavy rains. Don’t go for them if you want a quick, easy-to wear shoe.
  • Pull On Wellies and Slip On Wellies: These type of wellies are great addition to your casual footwear collection. They are practical, warm, popular and very comfy to wear.
  • Zip Type Wellies: They are tall wellies  that are just as easy to put on as the former.   
  • Hunter wellies  are perfect for every errand from town to countryside!

Other Accessories

  • Wellie Boot Bags : These water-resistant nylon boot bags help to store wellie boots and are portable. 
  • Boot Removers : Help in quick and easy boot removal without damaging the heel. 
  • Boot Socks : These cotton or acrylic made boot socks are very soft and gentle on the feet.  


Quick Picks


Hunter Original Short Wellies :

 This is a multi-purpose, comfortable boot.  

Westhay Navy/Pink Stripe Wellies :

 This pair has an adjustable strap and sturdy sole.  

High School Musical Wellies :

 Are you a fan of High School Musical’s Wildcats? Then bring home this funky pair!  


HUNTER Original Hunter Red Wellies :

This is the original tall wellie boot in red.  

Gorgeously Green and Pink Kiss Wellies :

Your little girl will love this cute pair of rubber boots! 

Children’s Pirate Wellies :

 This red pair is sure to impress your kid!  

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