Wheel Chairs and Accessories Buying Guide

Wheelchairs  are greatest inventions for physically challenged  people to help them be self-dependent . Choosing the right one depends on individual’s comfort  and requirement. Without getting carried away by ads and brand names, it’s ideal to know various features and accessories before buying one.

Types of Wheelchairs

  • Manual Wheelchairs : Most of the manual wheel chair users partially depend on others for mobility. On various occasions, use physical power to move the wheels, which is not applicable for children , the elderly  or physically disabled people.
  • Automatic Wheelchairs : Built with advanced technology, wheel chairs are used to climb stairs in automobile industries or in malls independently. In a standard  model, users can self-propel  or have some assistance in pushing the chair.

Wheelchair Accessories

  • Saddle Bags : Saddle bags are accessories strapped on to the armrest of the wheel chair for holding some documents and weightless items. With the use of adjustable buckle saddle is moved conveniently.
  • Clothe Guards : Used as a protective measure, guards keep clothes away from getting caught into the wheels. On roads, these methods protect users from getting tossed into debris.
  • Trays : Attached to the armrest, trays can either slide  or flip out  and facilitate writing, eating or keeping things.
  • Tires : Depending on the place of use tires are selected for being used on gravel , sand, carpet or pavement .


Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Transport Wheelchairs :

Made from aluminium, these attendant proppelled wheelchairs provide stability with adjustable swing away footrests.

Lightweight Transit Wheelchairs :

Incorporated with nylon cord seat and back, these aluminium frame wheelchairs include progressive and parking braking system.

Steel Extra Wide Wheelchairs :

These foldable wheelchairs can be stored and transported easily with their foldable back.

Quick Picks

Wheelchair Foot Cushions :

These Foot cushions covered with soft foam protect feet from hard and metal footrests.

Leather Wheelchair Gloves :

Leather gloves provide comfort and durability for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair Shopping Bags :

Fixed with additional straps, these attractive bags can be attached or detached whenever required for shopping.

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