Windows vs. Mac

A debate for the ages: Which operating system is preferable, Windows or Mac? Since Windows  monopolizes most PCs  throughout the business and educational sectors, most of us have been brought up using Windows, and are therefore more familiar with it.  Windows is excellent for businesses, as the Outlook programs are seen as the optimal organizational tool. Since they are manufactured at such a higher rate, they are inevitably cheaper. However, this also means that the malcontents busying themselves with creating computer viruses, will inevitably create them to target Windows users. Thus, if you choose Mac , your virus worries will be left in the dust.

Unfortunately for Mac users, the total software created for PCs is incomparable to Macs (especially with computer games). Thus, with a Mac, you may struggle to find the Mac version of many PC programs.  

Alternatively, if you have any problems with your Mac, you can simply bring it in to an Apple store and to the "Genius Bar," where their resident techies will help you out. When encountering problems with Windows, you will often have to consult your PC manufacturer, which is notoriously undesirable. 

What many people fail to realize is that you can buy the Mac operating system without buying a Mac computer. If you have a perfectly good PC, but are looking to change to a Mac, consider buying their newest operating system, Leopard , instead of buying a whole new computer. Depending on the quality of your computer, you can keep both Vista and Leopard installed at the same time, and load one or the other upon rebooting (or if you're really clever, toggle between the two).

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