Wine Openers

If you have had to wrestle a cork out of the wine bottle because of lousy wine opener, you know how frustrating and strenuous that process can be (not to mention how silly you look battling a little piece of cork). A good wine opener is a necessity if you are opening a nice bottle or many bottles of wine because it not only speeds up to process, but also makes opening easy, so you hear the satisfying pop of the cork without having to break a sweat.

Signs of a bad wine opener

* A bad wine opener will poke through the bottom of the cork. * The integrity of the cork will be compromised, either broken or shredded, which can lead to stray cork bits floating on the surface of the wine. * It is physically exhausting to open the bottle (If you have ever opened a bottle of wine with a Swiss Army knife you know what I am talking about. Swiss Army knives are for roughing it not everyday kitchen use.) I am sure it is pretty easy to judge the quality of your wine opener, and if it is a bad is time to turn it for one of these knew and improved models. Wine openers can range from very expensive, usually the mounted varieties are higher in price to lower end, 'waiter stye' wine keys, which are just as good only with out the frills and record time of 3 second cork popping.

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