Winter Beauty Tips

Winter is the roughest, toughest time for your skin, especially if you suffer from yearnotch products that work wonders for sloughing away winter skin, and read on for some important tips.

Better Bathing

* '''Take short showers or baths''' (10 to 15 minutes max) in warm, not hot water. * '''Forgo fragrances''' that might irritate, and for very sensitive skin, simply opt for the gentler alternative: organic body care. * '''Exfoliate often''' with a Cake Beauty It's a Slice Creamy Body Buffer. * '''Quench hair''' with a heated hair tools. * '''Consider a humidifier''' since there is nothing worse than a hot, dry home. Try the Honeywell's Quietcare or see the Humidifiers Buying Guide for more information.

Moisture Matters

* '''Seal skin''' with a protective layer of The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit Body Butter.

About Face

* '''Cleanse gently'''. Opt for face scrub to slough off dead skin and generate cell renewal. * '''Moisturize to the max'''. eye cream helps keep your peepers from looking tired and baggy. * '''Don't forget the sunblock'''. A moisturizer with a minimum of SPF 30 is key, even if you work in an office. * '''Care for your lips''' by exfoliating regularly, nixing lipJelly'>petroleum jelly or a rich balm to hydrate while you sleep. * '''Embrace an artificial tan'''. A bronzer, or an illuminizer is best since it will subtly enhance skin without appearing fake.

Hands Down Favorites

* '''Wash hands often''' with a moisturizing Hand Soap with Shea Butter by Softsoap to keep germs at bay. * '''Carry a '''hand sanitizer in your bag or purse for when you're on the go. * '''Always moisturize''' after washing or sanitizing since these products can be stripping.

Winterproof Your Hair

Our skin isn't the only thing the blustery winter weather ruins. Believe it or not, but hair is also vulnerable when temperatures drop. Keep your locks moisturized, healthy, and full with three tips every person should know. * '''Lay off the shampoo:''' Although shampoo keeps your hair clean, it also strips your scalp of necessary oils. This is isn't good during the winter when the air is dry. To avoid dry hair and flyaways, shampoo your hair every other day and invest in a moisturizing cleanser. * '''Condition:''' Combat driedin formula. You can use these treatments once a week or more, depending on your hair. * '''Hats Away:''' Moms always told us to cover our heads when it's cold out, but they obviously didn't think about what hats do to our hair! Hats actually increase production of oil or waxy matter, thus making hair greasy and limp. We're not telling you to go without a hat this winter, but you'll want to wear one that is clean and fits your head. 

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