Women's Complete Outfits

Do you suffer from this problem:  A closet jammed full of clothes yet nothing to wear?  Perhaps it's time to start considering shopping for complete outfits rather than a piece at a time.

Benefits of Buying a Complete Outfit:

* Colors will always match (no guessing games about will this navy pant match the sweater I have a home?) * Makes dressing in the morning a no brainer. You may even be able to hit the snooze button a few extra times. * Travel becomes easier as the options are preordained. * May save you moneyyou'll finally have clothes you can actually wear and will want to wear.

Select One of Four Outfit Types:

Seven shopping suggestions:

# Check out the return policy before you make your purchase. Especially when dealing with Internet purchases. It may be easier to return or exchange your item(s) to a bricks and mortar store. # Don't shop in a panic. A well-dressed woman usually has one or two "go to" outfits in her closet. Bad decisions are made when trying to purchase an outfit at the last minute for an interview or event. # Once you find a brand that works for your figure and personal taste keep returning to that site or store. Get to know the sales associate or tab the site on your browser so you can be alerted about sales and special offers. # Sign up for e-mail alerts for sales and free shipping offers from your favorite websites. # Don't shop as a mood elevator. While shopping can be fun, purchases made to fill an empty space in you life are often regretted. # Whenever possibe, shop with a trustworthy friend who will be honest about how an outfit looks. # Lastly, beware of the skinny mirrors! Don't fall victim to their deceiving charms.