Women's Clothing Designers Buying Guide

There are plenty of designers out there, so it can get hard to remember who designs the cocktail dresses  and who designs your work suit . We've made a guide to help you keep track of designers and know what they're all about. From Prada  to Gucci  and everything in between, we have exactly what you need to make sure you look your finest from the office to your PJs. 

Designer Fashions from A-Z

Alexander McQueen 

  • This well-established fashion designer is all about classic with a twist. 

Betsey Johnson 

  • Her clothes are quirky and fun without being overly ridiculous.

Betty Jackson 

  • Known especially for her accessories, Betty Jackson makes simple yet fun designs that span generations.

Bora Aksu 

  • Bora Aksu, winner of the New Gen award four times in a row, makes clothing that is perfect for work, a day at the beach, or a night on the town.
  • He manages to achieve feminine without pink and bows everywhere, and layers clothing without making it look bulky.


  • Classic Brit romance. Think classic Audrey Hepburn designs, but modernized.
  • Check out Burberry fragrances !

Catherine Malandrino 

  • This U.S. clothing designer makes simply chic clothing that will take you from the office to that special date.
  • Rugged romantic looks in neutral palettes, tailored silhouettes, attention-grabbing sleeves, playful accents are her signature traits. 


  • These clothes scream Paris appeal.
  • The clothes are well-groomed and sporty, while accessories are sexy and urban chic. 


  • A staple of the designer world, Chanel focuses on women's suits  that are tailored, modern, classic, and perfect for work.
  • Chanel bags  are one of the most popular fashion accessories out there.

Christian Dior 

  • Another classic staple in the fashion world, Dior redefined fashion with his "New Look" in the late 1940s.
  • Now designed by John Galliano, the women's line focuses on classic sexy city looks with a fun twist. 

Christopher Kane 

  • Christopher Kane is a relatively new designer who has already had the chance to work with Donatella Versace.
  • He changes his styles season to season, but they are usually fun and youthful designs that play on classic silhouettes.


  • This designer, also a long time staple, has always been about breezy, bohemian chic. 
  • Chloe bags  are especially popular.

Dolce & Gabanna 

  • There is nothing subtle about D&G. It's all about excess, flash, and attitude, but with style.
  • Think dark, sexy, rock & roll chic.

Elie Tahari 

  • It's all about stylish, feminine looks that aren't overly youthful. Think mature, sexy tea parties on the beach. 


  • These clothes are all about European glam, which means plenty of fur and leather.
  • Fendi "baguettes " became a sensation thanks to Sex and the City.


  • It's all about flaunting the wealthy glamour with Gucci. Fabrics are slithery and luxurious, while accessories are always bold. The clothes are sensual, heiress chic with a rock and roll edge.

Jasper Conran 

  • This veteran designer was among the first to showcase their line at London Fashion Week. 
  • His clothing is very British, quirky, yet elegant and feminine.

Louis Vuitton 

  • One of the oldest names in the biz, Louis Vuitton is elegance, luxury, and all about being fashion-forward.
  • Louis Vuitton, infamous for his monogram featured above, makes some of the most popular designer bags  on the market.


  • Luella Bartley is all about trendy, hipster clothing. It's about bad girls who really are good, and punks who are more pretty and cute than intimidating. The epitome of Brit youth. 

Marc Jacobs 

  • Currently one of the biggest designers out there, Marc Jacobs designs chic, bold clothing perfect for the social butterfly. The perfect mix of pretty and original. 

Marios Schwab 

  • The half Austrian, half Greek, London resident designs innovative clothing that is based on classic designs but with major twists. think classic little black dress with an oversized fur collar. 

Michael Kors 

  • Kors, an American fashion designer known for being on the Bravo show Project Runway, is all about that sporty girl next store look, but he does it in a chic, luxurious way rather than a messy, sweatshirt type of sporty.
  • His bags are quickly gaining popularity.

Miss Sixty 

  • You know how celebrities always seem to have the coolest jeans? I'll bet you they came from Miss Sixty.
  • Known for youthful, fun clothing that has a slight university appeal. 


  • This line is all about being quirky, fun, yet still maintaining its ability to be worn on an every day basis.
  • "Decorative, whimsical, and sexy all at the same time" -New York Magazine

Nicole Miller 

  • Nicole Miller focuses on American styles that you'd actually see walking down the street.
  • Though often sporty, her line does have plenty of chic dresses that are perfect for that cocktail party. 

Oscar de la Renta 

  • Gowns, gowns, gowns. Did I mention gowns? His would make any girl drool buckets.
  • His OSCAR  line focuses on high-end sports wear for the business gal.
  • In 2004, O Oscar  was launched and featured sportswear for the masses, with no item costing more than 70 EUR. 


  • This line is all about quirky, fun clothing designed for trendy British youth. 


  • The designer behind the fashion show that was more rock concert than house music and stiff models doesn't disappoint fans. Here you'll find rocker chic, badass clothes with a classic twist.

Stella McCartney 

  • Yes, she's a McCartney. The daughter of infamous rock legend Paul McCartney doesn't disappoint. Her clothes are completely animal-free, so vegans take note. She manages to design frilly, feminine clothing with rock and roll accents. 

Todd Lynn 

  • This New Gen designer is all about razor-sharp edges and classic designs. Looking for a classic work suit that will look stylish and not outdated? Look no further, ladies. Todd Lynn delivers vintage, classic, chic, and modern in a perfect package. 


  • Looking for chic, youthful clothing that will suit you from work to class to date to parties? Look no further.
  • Though they previously were more about jeans and tees, they are now growing a bit more mature, but no less fun. Leather skinny leggings and oversized parkas are just some of the interesting and fun pieces you'll find in their latest collections.


  • The epitome of elegance, Valentino has been designing luxury clothing for decades. His clothing is seen on European royalty and American celebrities and socialites.
  • Famous for his gorgeous gowns, he's all about jet-setting, sexy, rich, super thin elegance.

Vera Wang 

  • Are you looked for gowns that are sexy, yet understated? Vera Wang's gowns are made from the finest fabrics and manage to be eye-catching yet extremely simple.
  • Her bridal collection  is especially popular, as are her fragrances .


  • This Italian line is all about not being understated. Everything is a bold, modern disco form of chic. Want all eyes on you? Versace is perfect for stealing the attention at parties and clubs.

Vivienne Westwood 

  • Vivienne Westwood changed the way rock stars dressed. Her clothing took off with stars of punk and New Wave rock, and since then she hasn't stopped one bit.
  • Her clothing is elegant punk, as it usually contains some Victorian elements that make it a blend of badass and classy. 

Yves Saint Laurent 

  • Yves Saint Laurent is all about sexy work suits and upper-class bohemian styles.
  • Want to look carelessly sexy and rich, but put together enough to go to the office or a cocktail party? Then Yves Saint Laurent is a designer worth noting.