Women's Complete Outfit Buying Guide

Always shopping but never have anything to wear? You may be suffering from Wardrobe ADD. You bought a bunch of clothes that you loved at the time, but have nothing to do with each other--and no rhyme or reason when lined up in your closet. The next time you head to the mall, keep in mind a specific opening your closet has, and seek to fill that. Low on work trousers? Need a going out top  to pair with that new skirt ? Shop with a purpose and you'll cut down on clothes you won't ever be able to wear. If you're not sure what you need, however, you may find guidance in our outfits guides. Learn to identify what it is you need to create a look, and then go get it!

Outfit Buying Guides

Suits for Work

Even if you don't work in an office that requires formal attire, every woman needs at least one suit  in her closet. Not only are they a no-brainer great impression maker at interviews, you'll be able to create lots of other outfits with the jacket and skirt/trousers as separates.

Tip: if you're outfit-challenged, make sure you buy this expensive piece in a neutral colour so that matching it will be harder to mess up.

Weekend Casual 

Tired of looking like crap on the weekends? It's not your fault! Everybody wants to bust out of suits on their days off, but if you don't have pretty clothes that are also comfortable, inevitably, you'll be in sweats. Break the vicious (and ugly) cycle now and look forward to beautiful weekends in gorgeous cotton dresses  (slip one over your head and you're done), comfy sweaters  and jeans , and more.

Work Casual

Ah, Friday. You're just one day away from the right to wear sweatpants during daylight hours--but you shouldn't dress like it! Casual or not, Friday is still a work day and that means you should be dressed suitably. Tailored trousers , cosy cardigans , and A-line skirts  can help you find a compromise between comfortable and professional.

Parties and Special Occasions

Nothing can catapult a woman into an "I have nothing to wear" episode like a party. But If you buy a few things ahead of time, you'll never be caught with your trousers down. At least one LBD (Little Black Dress) should have a home in your closet, as well as wraps ,cardigans  or jackets  to go with it, and a few other evening tops  or skirts  that can mix and match with other basics you already own.

A Word on Outfit Shopping

We hope that you're reading this at your leisure and not because you've got a dress-up event in two hours.

  • "Outfit Shopping" is all about building a portfolio of useful clothing that will (literally) cover your bum in a stitch.
  • Shop with a purpose (i.e. know your wardrobe holes) when you're relaxed so you can take time and really think about your purchases before you make them.
  • That said, if you see something really special that seems to fit your personal taste to a T, don't be afraid to buy it--that is, if you're willing to build an outfit around it. If you've done your homework and bought basics, a wild card in your closet may be just the little bit of magic you need to look amazing.