Women's Fashion Trends Buying Guide

While classic, timeless fashion pieces may stay in your closet for decades, it is often hard to resist the charm of the latest trends. Though they may take a nation by storm and then quickly fly to the "fashion don'ts" list, many women pride themselves on having the most up-to-date wardrobe possible. We have all the information you need to fill your closet with the trendiest skirts ,jackets ,dresses ,bottoms , and tops.

Seasonal Trends

Fashion is greatly ruled by the seasons, and not just for practical reasons. Fashion lines are generally released every season, and since many trends are inspired by the latest fashion shows, trends usually are quite seasonal. We have separate guides detailing the trends spotted at the latest seasonal fashion shows, as well as tips on how to make those trends practical (if you live in a chilly climate, chances are that any Marc Jacobs dress  is going to need a stylish jacket  or coat  for outdoor ventures). 

Seasonal Style Guides

Spring Style Guide

Summer Style Guide

Autumn Style Guide

Winter Style Guide

Classic Trends

These trends have a habit of frequently coming and going from the fashion world. They usually are considered trendy at least once a decade, so it is worth stocking up on these "classic trend" pieces.


Denim  seems to make a big "comeback" every other year. If you want to prepare for the next denim trend alert, stock up on these pieces:

The Iconic Jacket

Every wardrobe needs the perfect trendy jacket . Whether you are trying to dress up an outfit or just want to fight a chilly night, jackets can make quite a statement. Check out these guides to find out more about professional jackets and blazers .

The Little Black Dress

Every stylish woman needs a "Little Black Dress " (LBD). Black is considered a flattering colour for all body types and is versatile enough to be the perfect fit for nearly every occasion. Try these searches to find your favourite LBD.


The equestrian theme is one of great wealth and pose. One doesn't have to own horses to pull off this trend. Check out these staples of the classic equestrian theme:

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