Wreath Making

Wreaths are beautiful accent pieces for the home. They can adorn walls, doors, and even double as centerpieces on tables. All in all, there are many possibilities, and they all start with a basic understanding of supplies available to you. Let's start with the base, which is what you must build upon. There are five types, each of which is more or less suitable for certain projects. Keep in mind that around the holiday season, evergreen wreaths (not shown below) are very popular and make your home smell fresh like a pine forest. These are some of the easiest wreaths to start with since all you need to add are bows, pine cones, berries, etc.

Other Supplies

Once you have chosen a base, you'll need to invest in a few basic tools and adornments. First and foremost, a hot glue gun is very useful and should be purchased if you are into various crafts, not just wreath making. Along with your glue gun you will also need hot glue sticks. ! !