Wreath Making


Wreaths are a great accent piece for your home. There are worlds of possibilities and they all begin with just a few simple supplies.


First things first, your wreath will need a base. There are a few different types of bases, each respectively suitable for specific projects. Around holiday time, you can also mae a pine wreath, which aside from being pretty, make your house smell great. These types of wreaths are easy to make, since all you will need to add are bows, pine cones, berries, etc.  For the other types of wreaths, here are some guidelines:


The natural look of this base doesn't need to be covered. In fact, it's preferable to leave some of it uncovered. Twig bases are similar in look to these, except the twig variety is more wispy. Becasue of its irregular shape, this base requires special hangers for hanging purposes.


Styrofoam bases are usually circular in shape, but can come in other varieties, too. These are only for indoor use, seeing that natural elements could destroy them. They are easy to hang with nails and virtually anything could be attachedto them for decorative purposes.


These bases are great for autumn inspired wreaths, since their color matches the autumnal shades so well. Straw bases are perfectly circular.

Wire Frame 

Box wired  frames are great starting points for many types of wreaths, especially evergreen, pine, and florals. Other wire can also be used, and both are capable of taking on many different shapes.

Other Supplies

Once you have a base, you're going to need some other tools to create your piece of art! Aside from the following, a hot glue gun is a great universal piece of equipment to have. Just remember to buy some hot glue sticks , too.

Essential Tools

Floral Wire 

This sturdy and flexible wire is great for fastening flowers and other adornments to your base. Make sure to get a subtle color, since you don't want this to show at all.

Wire Cutters 

Wire cutters are much better than household, conventional scissors. These will never go dull.

Floral Adhesive 

Glue is good for fixing smaller things to the wreath. If something is on the heavier side, it should be glued as well as wired in place.

Wreath Hangers 

Wreath hangers are useful for those spots that you wouldn't want to put a nail in, like your front door.

Stem Wrap Tape 

This tape can keep bunches of flowers or greens together before sticking them onto a wreath.



Fresh, dried, and silk flowers all make for a beautiful wreath.

Ribbons  and Bows 

Wired ribbon is sturdy and great for wrapping around bases. Bows add a pretty touch.


Garlands are a quick way to cover up a wreath base. They can be green or floral.

Fruits  and Vegetables 

To accent your wreath, consider adding some cute comestibles!



Clay Pots