Xbox Controllers

So for most of us, unless you are completely old school (respect the old school) you will probably be buying a controller for an Xbox 360. The ones that come with the console are wireless, and completely helpful, unless you drop them a few times and they won't connect to the console anymore. It's also a good time to start shopping for controllers if you have some extra friends who are also interested in pwning noobs and the like, a few extra controllers can get pals in on the  Xboxaction. Certain games are much better when you have multiple players, and some work better when you have no chord attached to hinder your motions. So really, depending on what you need from your controller,  it really also just comes down to what you want. There are accessories, different styles of controllers, colors to choose from, and also, price. Remember that a lot can be upgraded later. Start with the basic, and work your way up from there. There's no point in trying to learn too quickly how to use a controller, especially if you haven't played that much, or it's a new system or console to you. Talking to friends or a salesperson at a gaming store can help you decide what you want and need out of your controller. Make sure that the functions and accessories are really necessary, because unless you have a lot of extra cash lying around, some of those extras can be pricey.     

 Your Three Basic Types

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