Xbox Controllers Buying Guide

The original controller that came with the original XBox  was not a pretty sight. It was obese, bulky, and obviously not made with the human hand in mind. While it may be confusing why Microsoft made this controller in the first place, at least they fixed its major flaws with the Type-S controller. While Microsoft might not always get things right at first, at least they'll respond to consumers' needs. XBox 360  owners, however, got lucky. The controller for XBox 360 is thin, light, and very intuitive. Take a look for yourself at the controllers below.

Original Xbox and Xbox 360 Models

Original Xbox 

  • The king of nightmarish controllers.
  • A bulky mess.

Xbox Type-S 

  • Finally made for the human hand to use.
  • Much easier to hold and play.
  • Less bulky.

Xbox 360 

  • Super light.
  • Easy to use.
  • Anything but bulky!