Bar Accessories

Turning your basement into a personal pub  was the best thing you did all year! Unfortunately there are a few things missing. A barman is useless without tools (and spirits) but that can be changed. Spice things up with any or every accessory imaginable. Check out our barware guide for more detailed information on this subject.

Serving from Behind the Bar

Everyone has that dear uncle who may or may not be an actual relation; this is what you claim as he bellows out "Bennie and the Jets"--a cappella. When was this elusive person conceived? Nobody remembers the birth or the early childhood--just a swift emergence during the hippie era. You tell yourself (and everyone else in the room) that all his years as the peace pipe piston drove him mad. But this tale is simply to attach a minutia of dignity, even sympathy, to the man. Unfortunately, as it turns out, the story becomes less credible while Johnnie Walker is nested between his pants and stomach. That man always seems to drink six too many. Well, keep the damage to a minimum by pillock-proofing your bar  with products such as coasters, ready to grab clean-up towels, and a condiment tray for that easy access to biodegradable pelleting products. When taking him down, service can still run smoothly with things such as cork screws, glass rimmers, and swizzle sticks for the consumers to stir their own concoctions.

Bar Mats 

  • Grooved rubber surface keeps things in place and makes them easily accessible.
  • Helps to avoid those ever daunting "Where is the salt ?" type questions.
  • Makes you look organized and put together.

Bar Towels 

  • Keep one of these handy at all times for instant spillage correction.
  • Also a useful swatter .

Serving Trays 

  • If you could stretch your palms to hold three plates , six forks , nine knives ,ketchup  and a pitcher of Spritzer, would you? If you answered yes, you would be a fool. Which looks better: expertly balancing trays or trampolining  on your own hands? "Ginnie, look what I can do!"


  • If you have these available, you can officially be that person who nags guests to use the coasters.
  • They will be thankful when they do not have to pay for replacing your very expensive and newly ruined furniture.

Condiment Tray 

  • Safely stores condiments ,small toys , and water guns  for sobering up.
  • Like the bar mat, it helps to avoid those "Where is the salt?" type questions.
  • Also like the bar mat, it looks organized.

Cocktail Umbrellas 

  • Makes any drink look like a masterpiece.
  • Protects cocktails from sudden onslaughts of rain.
  • Tricks people into thinking they are having fun.

Swizzle Sticks 

  • Saves time by eliminating the stir process--more people can be served in the same amount of time or less.
  • Drink making is easier and more efficient.
  • Customers or guests can stir their own mixture.
  • Looks festive next to the umbrella.

Cork Screws  and Bottle Openers 

  • Unless your preferred method of bottle opening is a key ,lighter , knife, or teeth, you may want to invest in one or two of these.

Lager Mugs 

  • Designed specifically for lager, ale, or beer.
  • Provides the right environment for maintaining temperature, colour, and prolonged fizz.
  • Sturdy to avoid leakage.
  • A bit heavy so may be dropped easily.

Cocktail Rimmers 

  • Quick method for salting or sugaring the rims of your glasses .
  • Make sure there is no liquid inside of your glass before rimming it.

Cocktail Accessories

Everything needed to create, store, pour, and make your cocktails.

Wine Coolers 

  • White or rosé wine should be served chilled (but not too chilled!). Keep things cool with one of these portable wine coolers.
  • Ensures that you will not have to piggy-back a mini fridge .

Wine Coasters 

  • Similar to the original coaster, this wine coaster allows you to avoid nasty rim stains.

Wine Charms 

  • It is a very strong possibility that someone will drink your unattended beverage, but at least you can call them out on it--if you remember which charm was on your glass.
  • Can be bought to supplement a theme.
  • Adds a decorative touch.

Wine Pourers 

  • These are not as dispensable as they seem; I have avoided many spilling blunders with the wine pourer.
  • The perfect angle every time.
  • Only the most skilled butterfingers can botch this one up.

Lager Cooler 

  • Keeps ale, lager, and beer at optimum temperature.
  • Can double up as a glass  if you are desperate.
  • Cannot be used to re-cool already warmed drinks.

Cocktail Shaker 

  • Ever hear the expression "Shaken not stirred?" This handy little device invented it.
  • It is a lot easier and a lot more spill-proof than manual mixing.

Tipsy Cherries 

  • One word: "delicious".

Olive forks 

  • Allows you to scrape the Martini olives out with a little bit of decorum.
  • Unlike forks, perfect for spearing olives.
  • Can be used as a pinching device for those lacking fingernails.
  • Dangerous weapon for the skilled fly hunter.

Fun Additions

Nothing says "party" like strip backgammon.

Tipsy Treats 

  • Now you can drink your spirits and eat them too!
  • A nice gift for someone who owns a bar.
  • ...Or someone who likes chocolate and liquor.

Road Signs 

  • A typical decoration for that bar-feel.
  • It is fun to confuse people regarding their whereabouts.


  • Advertise for your favourite company!
  • Lets everyone know you are a "Guinness Man", or the (wo)man of whichever drink you happen to prefer.
  • You may want to abstain from buying a poster of the more shameful brews.
  • BONUS: If you brew your own stuff, you can throw your picture up there!

Pub Games 

  • Why? Because there is nothing better than ganging up on someone and making them the entertainment.
  • Also fun for those around who are not drinking.
  • Spices things up when parties get boring.

Drinking Songs 

  • Fun to have as a joke.
  • Do not put these on as "mood music ".
  • Best to have a wide variety of music lying around--do not use this as your sole source of tunes.
  • There is always someone who requests these songs.

Study Material

Yes the time has come to brush up on one of the most wonderful depressants of all time.

Bartending Books 

  • Just a thought: It may be wise to know a little about drinks if you have a bar.
  • A nice reference to keep around in case someone wants a never-heard-of-before cocktail.
  • Makes life simpler.

Learn About Lager 

  • You will appear the beer fountain of knowledge.
  • Can be useful for those ordering beverages.
  • Allows you to discover and try new ales.

Wine Books 

  • Knowing about wines and viniculture makes you look sophisticated.
  • You will hardly ever lack for a new wine to try.
  • Good reference for both guests and hosts.
  • Easily answers the question: "What is this wine like?".
  • Because serving bad wine is fatal.

Trivia Books 

  • Another tactic for avoiding boredom is to keep trivia books lying around; they are endless entertainment.
  • Fun to test your knowledge (or lack thereof).
  • Knowing all the answers gives you another reason to boast and improve your intellectual image.
  • Who doesn't need a head full of useless facts?

Something to Think About

Now that you are equipped with everything for your at-home pub, consider taking one of those bartending classes you've heard so much about.  If that seems like too pricey an endeavour, then maybe you would like to invest in a home guide  to bar tending? An on-line course is a click away, just jump on the computer  and look up bartending tips. There is a new toy in the house, so make proper use of it!

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