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Make dark under eye circles, acne, blemishes, and discolouration disappear in seconds! Well, maybe they won't actually disappear, but with a good concealer  one can completely mask these faults to the outside world. Concealer, when applied correctly and selected in the appropriate shade, can be a girl's best friend.

How to Choose the Right Concealer

  • It's important to choose the right shade of concealer. The idea is for the concealer to completely blend in with your skin. Explore yellow-based concealers  and look for a shade that is as close to your skin tone as possible.
  • Some experts recommend going with a concealer one to two shades lighter than your skin to optimize blending capabilities.
  • Some recommend going a shade darker in the summer if you tan well.
  • Apply it correctly. Be careful to not apply too much because it will look like you're trying to cover something up. All concealers have a "fakeness threshold" and as you build the concealer you'll notice the level at which it no longer blends seamlessly into your skin.
  • Usually, creamier concealers are best for under-eye areas and drier formulas are best for the rest of the face.

Types of Concealers

Liquid Concealer 

  • Versatile enough for tackling areas large or small.
  • Pen style  liquid concealer is handy and easy to throw in a purse.
  • Good for most skin types depending on the concealer's base.

Powder Concealer 

  • Easy to apply over large areas.
  • Perfect for correcting the skin's overall tone.
  • Best for those with oily skin.

Stick Concealer 

  • Good for pinpointing tiny imperfections.
  • Great on blemishes because it offers a heavy concentration of color to cover up a red spot.
  • Ideal for undereye circles because it helps moisturize.

Application Tips

  • A pesky zit or red blemish: First apply some [Facial Moisturisers|moisturiser]] (oil-free) and wait for it to sink into the skin. Then dab on (don't rub) some liquid concealer. You can apply several coats depending on the severity of the problem. Finish with a translucent powder  to seal the deal.
  • Undereye circles: A blue looking circle is best contrasted by using a yellow /gold  or pink concealer  and foundation . Don't go too light otherwise you will get oddly contrasting white circles instead of dark ones. You can try blending the concealer and foundation together for a smoother application if the problem is moderate. For severe circles apply the concealer first to the undereye and up the sides of the inner eye. You can also use a white pencil  to get the very inner corners. Then apply a foundation over the entire eye area blending well. Finish with translucent powder. Well Rested , by Bare Essentials, brightens and neutralizes even the darkest circles quickly.

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