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When Apple's iPod  it was first released in October of 2001, who would have thought that it would completely change the way people listened to their music ? Certainly not me, definitely not the RIAA  and probably not Apple either. While the initial success of the iPod may have been a surprise, its continued dominance of the MP3 player  market is not; as of March 2008, Apple has sold over 150 million iPods worldwide, regularly updating both the hardware and software with features that keep customers coming back for more. Owners say that they love the iPod's elegant design and intuitive interface. Others appreciate its seamless integration with iTunes , which will automatically sync all your computer's music, video and podcasts with the iPod. Honestly, we just think they look darned cool. With the subsequent releases of the iPod Nano ,iPod Shuffle  and iPod Touch , buyers can now purchase a quality digital music player that suits any lifestyle and any size wallet.


iPod Classic

Here it is: the little gadget that started it all. Well, not quite, but the sixth generation iPod Classic  is certainly reminiscent of the little white brick that could. The current Classic sports an impressive 120 GB hard drive that will hold an estimated 30,000 songs (depending on how they're encoded), yet remains svelte, weighing 140 grams and being only 10.5 mm thick. Users will be able to watch all their favourite TV shows, movies and video podcasts and play iPod games on the 2.5" 320x240 QVGA screen.

The iPod classic is directed at individuals with large music or video collections who want to be able to have their entire libraries with them at all times. Those who don't care about that would do well to look into the smaller (and less expensive) iPod Nano  and iPod Shuffle . This is also not the iPod to be taking with you on your daily trip to the gym or run around the block; the 1.8" hard drive is filled with teeny-tiny moving parts and the high-impact motions of a workout may damage them, corrupting your music database, or worse, bricking the unit entirely.

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