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Everyone likes a little music . Whether you prefer blasting hip hop  or a whisper of classical music  in the background, music is a fun art form that just about everyone can enjoy. Now, with the Internet and new technology and gadgets, it is easier than ever to buy, play, make, and share music. An entire world of MP3s and blogs are right at your fingertips. Such a vast realm can be intimidating to explore. That's why we're here to point you in the right direction. Whether you are looking for some old cassettes  or want to explore Internet radio, we have all the information you need to rock out or salsa  your way to musical bliss. Don't forget the headphones  or speakers 

Tributes and Compilation Collections

With the passing of Michael Jackson on 25 June 2009, there has been a resurgence of interest in his music.  We've seen some of these titles as his most popular over time, and are being collected in this mourning period:

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Popular Internet Radio Sites

This fun custom radio site will let you create your own online station and suggest other bands you might like.

This is like Myspace or Facebook for music fans. Create your own radio station and mingle with others and listen to their stations.

This site offers musical suggestions based on your favorite bands. A must for those looking to discover new music.

Not only can you find bands similar to other bands you like, but you can see how they are related. This site allows you to choose your genre, the tempo, and the mood of the music, as well as the time period and how mainstream you like your recommendations.

Yahoo Music

A very basic, but easy to use, site that allows you to choose a radio station to listen to via LAUNCHcast. Not as innovative as the rest, but perfect for those looking for something simple and straightforward.