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The  Internet is a great place for music information date. There are also other sites that cater to more specific musical tastes and all are wellhop, indie rock, classical, rock, classic rock and pop music. Most of these sites are loaded with information without overloading you with capitalist undercurrents. Also searching the sites of your favorite bands' record labels can also provide you with good information, links to similar music and features on new bands you might be interested in. Also check out the ShopWIki guide to music on a budget. DJ Equipment

Internet Radio

Internet radio has become extremely popular over the years. Most of these sites are free and simply require signing up for their website. The choices in stations are immense, ranging from stand-up comedy to Australian R&B. Some sites allow you to type in your favorite song or artist, and they compile a radio station based on your musical tastes, specifically designed for ''you''. A rating system is usually found on this site, allowing you to rate the songs you hear. This allows the station to be based even more on your musical preferences!

Music Searches

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Tributes & Memorial collections

With the passing of Michael Jackson on 25 June 2009, there has been a resurgence of interest in his music.  We've seen some of these titles as his most popular over time, and are being collected in this mourning period: * Michael Jackson Thriller: 25th Anniversary (Zombie Cover) (CD & DVD) * Michael Jackson Dangerous (Special Edition) * Michael Jackson Bad (Special Edition) * Michael Jackson Off The Wall (Special Edition) (Remastered) * Michael Jackson Number Ones * Michael Jackson Moonwalker * Michael Jackson King Of Pop (3CD Deluxe Edition) * Michael Jackson Thriller * Michael Jackson Thriller: 25th Anniversary (CD & DVD) * Michael Jackson Greatest Hits Vol 1 * Michael Jackson Greatest Hits Vol 2 *

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