Stoppers and Pourers Buying Guide

Stoppers help in storing and preserving the flavour and taste of your sparkling wine. Pourers are meant to prevent the spilling of wine. These wine accessories will ensure that even the last drop of your wine always runs back into the bottle.

Wine Stoppers

A good wine stopper must seal the wine bottle well to prevent oxidation and spoilage. It should be capable of preserving opened wine or champagne for a week or two. They are made from materials such as glass, chrome, wood, ceramic and stainless steel.

  • Vacuum Stoppers: They work with a vacuum tank that keeps a holding vacuum seal. It removes air from the bottle and blocks any additional air from reaching the bottle.
  • Wine pump and Stoppers: They come with an easy grip handle. They remove air with just a few strokes and create a vacuum seal.

Wine Pourers

A wine pourer ensures the correct oxidation of the wine, and at the same time it prevents the bottle from dripping. Drip-free pourers that are strong, dishwasher-safe, flexible, washable and reusable will prevent dripping.

Buying Tips

  • Be careful while choosing vacuum stoppers because too much of a vacuum may actually ruin the wine.
  • A multifunctional ball wine pourer oxygenates the wine while pouring, prevents dripping and allows flow control. It also acts as a wine stopper with an auto shut mechanism.
  • Slow flow wine pourers is ideal for wine tasting events, sampling and exhibitions when you need to regulate the flow and provide equal measures.

Quick Picks

Quik Picks

Stainless Steel Pourer & Stopper :

This wine pourer & stopper with a removable integral stopper keeps contents fresh and helps to avoid drips and stains.

Chrome Wine Pourer and Stopper :

Keep several bottles of wine on the go with this superb set of 3 chrome wine bottle stoppers, together with a stopper stand.

Screwpull Wine Pump and Stopper Set :

This wine pump keeps your wine fresh for several days after opening.

Quick Picks

Wine and Circular Pourer :

This metal wine pourer is ideal for when you want to host a dinner party with style and panache.

Pulltex Wine Stopper and Pourer :

This elegant stainless steel wine stopper is suitable for any wine bottle and a wine pourer and is cleverly designed to prevent drips.

Wine Pourer and Stopper Set by Mono :

This hand produced wine accessory is considered to be the icon of modern design.

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