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I know that being the professional lower upper middle class man that you are, you snub your nose at anything that may make you seem less polished in the eyes of the elite--including things of or related to manual labour. I also know that--unfortunately for you--you love working your hands around a powerful drill , and pushing those nails  through thick planks  of anything. What if I said you can earn the respectability of your co-workers and at the same time enjoy some mechanical magic? Well, you can. Modern life is so wonderful that you do not have to make a choice between working your little fingers through a slip knot or a cuppa--you can have both!  Just slit your bosses tyres during your lunch break--of course, only while wearing the old rubber ninja mask--and when work is over, you can save the day with your tools! Should you really do this? No!

But still, think about the importance of tools: One day your car may break down and the only thing you can do about it is try to flag down help with your little finger.  


Tools are good for building and fixing. If you need to fix something, you should buy some. If you don't need to fix something you should buy some. Basically, they are good to have around. 

General Tool Guides

Woodworking Resource Page

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Hardware Products

You're really screwing yourself by not carrying spare hardware--you should obviously be screwing your fixtures instead.


Door Hardware

Other Useful Hardware Items

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