Bird Cage Accessories

There are all kinds of cage accessories  to keep your bird  happy and healthy. There's a wide variation of toys, grooming kits and other essential cage items for your pet. 

Cage Essentials


Cage Covers : These are good for night-time or during the colder months to keep your pet warm and tranquil.

Cage Liners : These are for the bottom of the cage and might make clean-up a little bit easier. There is also cage litter  for birds.

Cage Locks : If your bird has figured out to open its cage or if you are just afraid to find out, this might be a good investment.

Feeders : Seed cups  come in all different shapes and sizes for your pet's needs. You can use these for bird treats  or regular seed .

Waterers : You can buy a water cup  or tube. Also, there's the water buddy , which keeps your pet's water clear and free of cage litter.

Cage Amusement


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