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Believe it or not, books aren't dead. Whether you're a literature enthusiast or writing a dreaded book report, we can help. Below are six buying guides, sorted alphabetically by book genre. These can be especially helpful if you're buying a gift for someone. Don't see what you're looking for? Write it yourself! Help other shoppers by sharing your expertise. In this technological age, there are many options for buying books. While the local library is always a nice, free (unless it gets lost in the jungle under the bed) option, it is no longer the only choice. Audiobooks have increased dramatically in popularity. Many sites allow you to purchase a CD recording of a book. Some websites, however, allow you to download an mp3 file directly from the site. There are also E-Books, which offer the full text of a book as a download. Some websites offer the full text of books (usually classic, older books) for free (and legally)! There are also many sites which offer "book swaps", in which you register for their site, post all the books they are willing to swap, and look for other people who would want to swap books with them. The books arrive in the mail for you to enjoy! If you're just browsing, try clicking on one of the links below the gift guides. We've collected some of the most popular genres or book searches, so you can just click whatever appeals to you, and start shopping! Not sure what to get?  Check out our Book Blogs. ''' !''' '''Just poking around? Try one of the searches below to get you started. ''' !

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