Christmas Gift Presentation Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 'Tis the season to open your heart to your loved ones and give a thoughtful Christmas gift. While you could just hand the gift over, all the wrapping and bows and paper are part of the fun of the season. And an unwrapped present is both boring and a little rude. Why not take a few extra steps and make sure the gift looks nice? After all, presentation counts! Explore your options based on gift shape, size, and contents.

Gift Bags

For small to mid-sized presents , think about going with a gift bag . Gift bags are ideal for giving small, simple gifts to children, as they're easier for little ones to open. Find one that has a seasonal  theme on the outside and then have fun experimenting with gift presentation using the ideas below.

Gift Boxes

Utilizing gift boxes  is a common method for exchanging Christmas presents  with minimal effort involved. Boxes are most useful for those particular gifts that can be difficult to wrap due to their shape or texture--like headphones, clothes--or as a disguise for more obvious gifts such as DVDs. A suitably decorated box is fine on it's own, though you could easily add a bow or some wrapping to make it appear more festive. Generic white gift boxes  are cheap and are sold at most retail shops, but around the holidays, Christmas-adorned  containers are also decking the halls, so it's really at your discretion to wrap a plain box or present the pricier but more convenient pre-decorated package. Looking to really impress? Add a bit more style with these tips!

  • Use festive ribbon  to tie multiple boxes together.
  • Buy boxes  for gift cards to add some mystery to an otherwise obvious present.
  • Experiment with different coloured bows  to add onto the happy holiday look.
  • Stack boxes on top of one another, from the largest on the bottom to the smallest on top for an eye-catching gift presentation. 

Gift Hampers

Gift hampers  are wonderful for presenting multiple gifts. Many choose to buy pre-filled  baskets with goodies but you can save money by making your own. An empty basket  or hamper , a bow and some of the recipient's favourite foods or bath items are all you need to make a thoughtful present without spending too much money. Arrange the items into a sturdy and appealing pile and you're all set!   

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper  is the most traditional way of presenting a gift. A straightforward and quick method, wrapping your present in a paper covered in festive Christmas decoration --such as classic snowflakes  or a Santa Claus print--is a sure way to bring a smile to the receiving party.

  • Go more personal with a themed gift wrap ! Wrapping paper is such a commodity during the holidays and there are thousands of beautiful designs to choose from. Consider themes relating to the recipient's personality.


The Christmas stocking  is an age-old tradition that is employed today around the world. Whether you need a place to stick gift cards  or an overnight home for a Christmas orange , stockings are very much a part of the season. You can give the gift recipient their own stocking, or have their present hidden in one they already own (although this tradition is usually reserved for family members).

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