Classic Toys

To improve their bodies and brains, tear your kids away from the TV and video games and encourage them to play with these classic games.


This classic game of buying property and creating monopolies should be a staple in every household worldwide.  You never know, you might have the next Sir Richard Branson playing across from you!


This inexpensive toy has existed for centuries and is still the go-to game for school yard kids.


Fearful parents can rest easy; many trampolines now come with a net to protect little Billy from getting hurt.


Pogo Sticks 

What is the appeal of a stick you jump on?  Hop on to a pogo stick and find out!  This toy is great for improving balance.

Hula Hoops 

Hula hoop your way to a fitter tummy10 revolutions - novice
30 - not bad
50 or more - WOW


 Play with Fido or with friends--either way, this game will have you running all over the park!  Join or create an Ultimate Frisbee team for even more fun.


Nostalgic mothers (and fathers?) can now give their children a piece of their childhood.


Left hand on red, right foot on yellow, right on on green, and CRASH!  Twister guarantees you tons of giggles.

Radio Flyer 

No little red wagon is more famous than the Radio Flyer.  The line now includes pedal cars, bicycles, and even a fire engine.

Pedal Cars 

Let your youngsters cruise around the flat or yard on these awesome pedal cars.  Goes as fast as their two feet can take them! Helmet recommended.

Rubik's Cube 

The toy that truly never ceases to test the brightest of minds.  Appropriate for 7 to 107.


The lost art of Stch-a-Sketch can be yours.  Hours of art fun without a pen or paper, and a good way to distract the kids on those long car rides to the countryside.

Marbles and Jacks 

Old schoolers will relish this classic game.


Classic tops have now been improved to include pens inside to create some dizzying artwork.


Great card game for the entire family.  When you have one card left, don't forget to say, "UNO!"


Its not as easy as it looks!  Learn to walk the dog, do the Eiffel tower and other cool tricks!


Beautiful shapes and colours in a tube.  Who can resist?


One toy that will never go out of fashion. Use it to teach your kids about different wave and the transfer of energy.

Pick-up Sticks 

In the tradition of marbles and jacks, pick-up sticks may seem primitive but is actually in the realm of JENGA.


Take turns pulling blocks out and restacking them to see who has the skills and who has butterfingers!

GI Joe 

Don't you dare call GI JOE a doll.  A classic American action figure turned collectable.


Feed it, talk to it, teach it tricks.  Its a dog without the hassle of the actual animal.

Troll Doll 

These fun collectables are as cute as they are small.  Keep them on your desk to brighten your day.

Tickle Me Elmo 

The 1996 Tickle Me Elmo craze drove parents to stores every where for this big red vibrating Elmo.


As fun as it is controversial, this hand-held game has schools banning it left and right and even spawned a movie.

Mr. Potato Head 

Where would Woody be without his sidekick, Mr. Potato Head, in TOY STORY?

My Little Pony 

The Barbie of horse figurines.  Need we say more?

Care Bears 

Cuddly, cute, and caring.  What more can you ask for in a teddy bear for your baby?

Cabbage Patch Kids 

This doll phenomenon produced a baby version, movies, video games, books, and even a parody GEICO commercial.

Matchbox Cars 

The originals were cool before but after HOT WHEELS revamped them in the late 1990s, these wheels were hotter than ever.

Magic Eight Balls 

You may not get the the answer to the meaning of life from these things, but they still help you predict whether that cute boy in the cafeteria will ask you out or not.

Whoopee Cushions 

The best gag ever invented.


No New Year's celebration is complete without sparklers.

Pin Art 

The best thing to leave on the coffee table for the guests to play with while making tea in the kitchen.


Learn this ancient art of Japanese paper folding and impress all of your friends at boring dinner parties.

Bop it 

A new spin on Simon Says.


The only time going to war and taking over the world is encouraged.

Tiddly Winks 

This classic aim game is fun for all ages.


 No cartoon was as ever as fun as watching Gumby and Pokey fight the Blockheads.


A great distraction for the kids during long trips.  Now you can visit France, Italy, or even outer space without leaving your room.

Sidewalk Chalk 

Paint your town red! Or at least your pavement.

Spin Art 

Create dizzying art projects with this Spin Art Kit.

Play Doh 

Clay has never been so much fun.  This classic moulding clay is fun whether using moulds, stencils or just your hands.

Easy Bake Oven 

Let your kids safely create confection perfection with the Easy Bake Oven.  Mess and yumminess guaranteed.

Chemistry Set 

Mad Scientist?  Maybe not, but still tons of fun!

Sea Monkeys 

The easiest and most interesting pet you will every get.  Sea Monkeys might not have a long lifespan, but they never fail to leave a lasting impression.

Ant Farms 

Watch and learn how ants create their colonies and navigate the ground.

Butterfly Kits 

Grow your own butterfly.  Watch the metamorphoses of the caterpillar into the beautiful butterfly, or catch your own to take care of.

Carnivorous Plant Kits 

Venus Fly Traps, pitcher plants and butterworts.  Oh My!

Water Guns 

Not for the faint of water fight heart.  These babies get more and more sophisticated every year with the latest ones firing from three different angles.

Water Balloons 

Classic and timeless.  Still the best way to start a water fight.  Just avoid the face.

Slip n' Slide 

Every backyard should be equipped with one during the hot summer seasons.

Dive Rings 

Turn a day at the pool into a competition.


A safer way for the younger kids to enjoy playing with water during those long summer days.

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