Cricket Footwear

Footwear  is an undeniable safety measure in cricket, which provides grip and flexibility while performing the game. If you are a fast bowler, then you need speciality shoes with spikes and ankle support . If you are a batsman facing Yorkers, then you definitely need toe protection . Before buying shoes for a match ahead, you should understand the variety of shoes that are specific to different player needs.   

Cut of a Cricket Boot 

The cut of a Cricket Boot is of two types namely the high cut  and the low cut . The high cut is normally used by bowlers, whereas the low cut is suitable for batsmen and fielders. The chances of slipping are more in low cut, and hence pace bowlers do not use low ankle cuts in boots. On the contrary, the high cut diminishes movement, supporting the ankle to a greater extent. 

Boot with Spikes 

Spikes  are good on soft ground conditions, because they provide grip. Bowlers need front spikes. Batsmen need spikes towards the sole. Optionally, there are 3 types in spikes in boots. They are  

Pimples and Combination Types 

Boots without spikes are also used in cricket. They come in different forms. Moulded studs  support the foot for a firm grip on the ground. Pimples  are well suited for hard ground conditions and provide mobility. There are also combination  of spikes and pimples available.  

Always go for cricket shoes that are lightweight ,non-slipping ,cushioned  and with shock absorbers.  

Brands of Cricket Footwear

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Adidas Cricket Shoes :

They follow the traditional structure and are mainly used by bowlers to reduce sliding while bowling.

Puma Iridium Cricket Shoes  :

They are light in weight with upper ventilation, and an unrivalled cushioning effect.

Gel Advance 2 Cricket Shoes :

This model is comparatively lighter in weight with cushioning effect, and toe protection with a shock absorber.

Quick Picks

Nike Air Zoom Googly Cricket Shoes :

The good looking shoes feature an inner air sole that provides maximum cushion and stability for the cricketer reducing the effect of torque.

SLAZENGER Elite Pro Multi Stud Cricket Shoes :

The light weight compression moulded cricket shoes are well suited for the club levels and international players as well.

Kookaburra Vertex Cricket Shoes  :

The Kookaburra Vertex shoes are designed for cricketers by experts to increase their performance.

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