Team Sports Buying Guide

Team sports are a great way to build long lasting relationships as well as satisfy the need for competition. Whether you're running around that field or up and down a court, you've got great team mates by your side. By working with others towards the same goal, you end up with not only athletic skills, but some great life skills as well. While different levels of each sport can get pretty competitive, for the most part it's all about having fun and sharing team spirit. Get all you need to get started with these handy guides to some popular team sports.

Baseball and Softball

Spring has finally arrived and it's time to whip out those baseball hats . Get everything you need with the help of our guide.


Do you just love shooting around at the park? Are you your school's star player? Check out this guide for all your basketball needs.


Need some help putting that extra umph into your routines? Let us help you beat the best and be better than all the rest!


Enjoy simultaneously gliding down rivers, while getting a great cardio workout? Rowing may be the perfect sport for you!


As the precurser to baseball, cricket remains as one of the world's most popular sports. Learn all you need to know with the help of our guide!

American Football

Going for that perfect touchdown? Well, the right gear will help you go all the way!

Field Hockey 

Love hockey but can't skate? Quite the dilema. Relax, we've got all the merchandise you need for a great field hockey match.


Fast-paced and aggressive, hockey is a great wintertime activity. Be sure to wear enough padding though!


Although it has been around for decades, lacrosse gets more and more pouplar every year. Click above for all of your lacrosse needs!


As a very rough sport, rugby isn't for the light hearted. Get all your merch with the help of this guide!


As the world's most popular sport, football is played anywhere and everywhere. Get ready to bend it like Beckham with the help of our guide!


Whether you're playing recreationally or competetively, we've got all you need to know about ultimate frisbe!


Whether you're diving in the sand or spiking it over the net, there is some essential equipment and gear to pick out before you start playing.