Educational Supplies for Kids

Showing up for school is, of course, essential in the learning process. But that's not all it takes. Being prepared with both school supplies and outschool education and continue learning even after the bell rings at end of day.

The Essentials

* '''The wheelie bags, for example, if there will be lots of heavy books to carry. Also, have your little one try on the bag before you decide to swipe that credit card. * '''erasers! * '''Keepsake portfolios are also a nice choice. * Art supplies like 3x5 index cards are more useful for older students. * Supplies like compasses may not be essentials, but they will make the school day easier and can help with learning. * If your child is in pre039711'>sleeping bag might come in handy. * Parents will have a lot of photos. Keeping an album of your child's school years is a good way to save memories.

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