Face Cloths and Flannels Buying Guide

Face cloths and flannels are commonly called as wash cloths. Carrying one of these is always essential when you want to keep the face clean and fresh free from dust and dirt.

Face Cloth Material Types

Flannels are light and soft woven fabrics normally made from wool but can also be combined with synthetic fibres or cotton. Face cloths can be made from other materials such as: ! * Bamboo face cloths * Organic cotton face cloths * Terry face cloths * Microfibre face cloths

Lathering and Non-lathering Face Cloths

Lathering face cloths might need to be moistened to activate the dried cleanser in them, while the non lathering ones are pre-wet that the users might not have to rinse their face after the use of face cloths.

Open and Closed Weave Face Cloths and Flannels

Open weave face cloths are good for very sensitive type of skin, while the closed weave provides good exfoliation and are good for skin types that are oily.

Factors to Consider

* Check if they are made of quality material preferably with natural antifriendly ones. * Organic face cloths and flannels free of pesticide residues are also be a right choice. * Face cloths with embedded moisturisers can be of great help for hydrating the dehydrated skin.

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