First Anniversary Gifts Buying Guide

It's the first of hopefully many anniversaries to come and you don't want to start off on the wrong foot.  Anniversaries are time for commemorating and reflecting on your relationship. Finding the perfect gift can be tough but as long as you put some time and effort in you'll able to come up with a great gift in no time. It should be thoughtful and meaningful, so take the extra time when deciding.


The traditional first anniversary is paper  or clocks , but there are a variety of directions you could take that. Just think creatively and you'll have no problem coming up with different possibilities. Traditional doesn't mean boring. Here are some ideas to get you started.


While giving paper may seem like a simple gift, there are a variety of ways to be creative and romantic with it.  It could be as simple as finding a new book she might like or buying her favourite romantic story. If you can't think of anything written that would spark his or her interest, you could try writing something yourself. Trying writing a love letter  or love poem  and accompany it with flowers or some new elegant stationary . If you think  you're written word won't get the message across, you could try a book of love poetry. Anything involving paper that is either romantic or involves his or her interests such as a print  of her favourite artist will make a great traditional first anniversary gift. Just think creatively. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Leather Journal 

Help them keep all their thoughts straight with a new journal. From diary to organizer, they are very useful.

  • You could make it a personalized gift by monogramming the journal.
  • If they don't like writing, a date book  or planner  are always useful.


"Poetry is the food of love." (Jane Austen) If you wanted to be extra romantic, there's no better way than some love poetry.

  • Write one yourself. If you're having trouble take a look at the some of the most famous love poems and try to transform them to fit your spouse.
  • If you're having trouble writing one, a book of love poetry  will definitely get the message across.

Love Letter 

A personal love letter will definitely give your gift a sentimental touch. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Think of the reasons why you love them.
  • Think of all the good times you've had together as a married couple.
  • Include a poem or quote that reminds you of them.

Fine Stationery 

From pretty and personalized to colourful postcards and note cards, stationery can make an unique and practical gift.

  • Make sure that they'll get some use out it. There's no point if its just going to sit on their desk all day.
  • For a more personal touch, maybe get stationary that has their name or initials on it.

Art /Photography 

Art or photography can be extremely romantic. Here are some ideas.

  • Choose a bunch of shots of you together and create a scrap book.
  • If they have a favourite artist, buy them a print and get it framed.
  • For art lovers, you could try some high quality paper  for their own creations or maybe a coffee table book  of their favourite artist.


Clocks also qualify as a traditional first anniversary gift, but are a more modern approach to gift giving than paper. From watches to alarm clocks , they are always useful and greatly appreciated. Whether your spouse uses it to get up in the morning or as part your home décor, they can be either convenient or elegant or both.  If you home is lacking in the clock department, maybe you could go with a decorative mantel clock, or maybe you could go with something more practical such as a wrist watch  to use everyday. As long as its a working time piece, it will make a great first anniversary gift.  If you're having trouble being creative, here some options to get your ideas flowing. 

Antique Clock 

Antique clocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be very elegant and decorative.

Clock Radio 

Looking for something more practical? A clock radio is the perfect accessory for your night stand.

Cuckoo Clock 

This classic is great for collectors. Just make sure they won't be annoyed with the sound.

Contemporary Clock 

Need something that will match your modern apartment? From plain to artistic, there are a variety to choose from.

Grandfather Clock 

This massive time piece is classic and regal, but, be aware that it takes up a ton of space.

A Different Approach

This section is for those who can't think of anything to do with paper or clocks that's suitable for your loved one or want to steer clear of the traditional gift ideas. Don't worry, a first anniversary gift can be just as special without being traditional. Take a look below to see if any of these ideas work for your spouse.

Experiential Gifts

Want to surprise your spouse with a unique gift? We've got plenty of ideas to help you make your first anniversary extra special. Providing him or her with moments they'll never forget is much easier than it sounds. Maybe they could use a day of pampering and would greatly appreciate a day at the spa . If you want to spend some quality time together maybe you could try a romantic getaway or maybe take a lesson together such as a cooking lesson  or a golf lesson . You could also try planning a picnic or dining out. If your spouse is a sports fanatic you could get tickets  to the big game or maybe he or she has a favourite band and you could get concert tickets . For some more ideas check our guide for experiential gift ideas.

Board Games and Puzzles

Board games or puzzles  are a great way to spend some quality time together. If those seem too childish for you maybe you could try some adult-themed games . Gifts don't have to be serious. Getting something just for fun could be just as romantic and appreciated as a more serious gift. Whether you have a favourite that you play together or want to try something new, you could use during an evening together or even just a rainy day. Classics such as scrabble  are great for a one on one battle, but if you prefer working together try a complicated jigsaw puzzle .

Additional Ideas

If you're looking for some additional gift ideas, check out these suggestions below. While they aren't traditional, these ideas are still romantic. Think of your spouse's interests and hobbies, their likes and dislikes. If they don't wear jewellery, there's no point in spending a ton of money on a bracelet . Or if they don't have favourite sports team, you should stay away from sports memorabilia. It's really up to you to decide what they would enjoy most. Maybe he or she would like some new cologne or perfume. If you think it will get them excited, go for it. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Flowers don't have to simple and predictable. As long as you put some thought into what kind you get they can be very elegent. You could try accompanying them with a romantic note or card.  


If you're spouse is chocolate lover, you can't go wrong with their favourites. As long as you're not giving it for every occasion, chocolate makes a delicious and romantic gift.  


Jewellery is a great way to show somebody you care. Whether it's something they wear everyday or only on special occasions, they'll definitely appreciate it. 

Shaving Kits 

For men who like to keep themselves tidy, shaving kits will provide him with everything he needs. 

Bath and Body Products.

Does your spouse need some pampering? Showering them with a products that they use to relax or enjoy themselves is a good way to give them some relaxation time. 

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