Watches Buying Guide

Ah, time. It's an essential part of every day life that makes us late for birthday parties , unbelievably early for that staff meeting, or just plain old frustrated with how slow the hours are going by. It's helpful to have a watch  when it comes to telling time, because who knows when that cell phone  battery will go dead or your clock  at work will be off by an hour? Luckily in today's world, you can wear a watch and still be fashionable, whether you're a woman or a man. 

General Guidelines

  •  What is its purpose?
    • Is it for a male  or a female ?Child  or adult?
    • Is the watch just for telling time?
  • Analogue ,Digital , or Both?
    • What kind of face do you prefer?
    • Can you even read an analogue face? (Be honest).
  • Fancy vs. Casual.
    • For what occasions will you be wearing this watch? Choose wisely: A watch that is too casual will not look right with dress wear and vice versa.
  • What materials will you choose for your watch?
    • Consider comfort, style, colour, graphics, etc.
    • Do you want leather ,canvas ,silk ,rubber ,metal ,plastic ?
    • Links  or no links?
    • Fitted or loose? When it comes to size, most watches can be adjusted, but make sure that you at least have an accurate idea of wrist size.

Different Models

Everyday Wear 

 If you are going to get something to wear every day, you might want a versatile design that can be worn with both casual and dress clothes. These watches are usually simple--not too trendy--and feature a simplistic design.

Dress Watches 

These watches can be worn for special occasions, and will probably only go with formal attire. Think bracelet watches  or cuff watches .

Sports Watches 

These are usually designed in a bulkier style and are manufactured to hold up in all kinds of conditions. Popular functions include: stopwatch, timer, glow in the dark and waterproof features, and a compass.

Pocket Watches 

These are typically worn by men and it takes a very specific type of style to pull this off accurately. However, if you find that this type of watch goes with your attire, then pick one up

Chronograph Watches 

A chronograph watch can act as a calendar, timer and compass all in one. Most of these are also waterproof . Think of it like a sports watch but with a nicer façade.

Novelty Watches 

These can come in all types of designs featuring a favourite artist, cartoon character or colour. They are mostly meant for causal wear but they can be a fun accessory.

Modern Watches 

Modern watches are sleek  and spare in design--you might not even know it's a watch at first! For the trendsetter, these are great to have.

Leather Watches 

These have a classic distinction all their own. A watch with a brown  or black leather  strap can set the tone of your style.

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