Typical Toys for Boys & Girls

Sometimes you have no idea where to start shopping because all you know about a child is whether he is a boy or if she is a girl. Rather than stumble through the aisles of Toys 'R' Us, take some of the advice mentioned here to lead you to the perfect to for a boy or girl.

Popular Toys for Boys

Getting dirty, playing rough, and battling it out crafts'>arts and crafts might also be enjoyable for a particular boy depending on his interests and age. If you haven't found what you are looking for, please be sure to see these other related guides: * Gifts for Boys * Gifts for Brothers * Gifts for Sports Fanatics * Gifts for Gamers * Gifts for Movie Buffs

Popular Toys for Girls

Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but when you're seven, it's best your mother keep the diamonds far from reach until you've grown up a bit. For young girls, especially the girly ones, there are a few key toy essentials that she'll want to have. Below are the top five 'girl' toys. Nonetheless, don't forget that girls these days are increasingly interested in things typically thought of as 'boy' toys, such as sports equipment and musical toys, popular gift choices for kids of all ages. Other guides that might be of interest to you if you are shopping for a little girl include the following: * Gifts for Girls * Birthday Gifts for Thirteen Year Old Girls * Gifts for Sisters * Beauty Gifts * Christmas Gifts for Children