Gifts for Girls Buying Guide

Buying gifts  for anyone can get tricky, and little girls are no exception.  With so many toys on the market, it's hard to tell which ones are going to be long-lasting, entertaining and age appropriate.   But there's hope.  You don't have to go blindly wandering into the local toy  shop or spend hours surfing the web for the perfect gift.  All it takes is a little categorization before you hit the shelves  or click the mouse . 

Classify Your Girl

Okay, we know that no person can fit into a single descriptive mold.  We're not asking for that.  Instead, ask yourself a few simple questions.

  • How old is she? Some toys are better suited for an older crowd and vice versa.
  • Do you want an educational toy, an electronic toy, a recreational/outdoor toy or something else? The more you know about your gift recipient the easier it is to answer this question--cater to her interests.
  • Are toys the only gift option? What about clothing, jewellery, shoes or things for dress up play?  Supplies for arts and crafts projects?
  • What is her favourite colour? If you're unsure, pink is usually a safe alternative. A touch of sparkles never hurts either!

Popular Choices

Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

Princess Rainboots 

Pink Converse Sneakers 

Disney Princess Dress Up Clothes 

Feather Boas 


Name Jewellery 

Charm Bracelets 

Jewellery Box 

Funky Leggings 

Fancy Tights 

Fun Pyjamas 

Fuzzy Slippers 

Pink Nintendo DS 

Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp Video Game 

Powerpuff Girls Movie 

Pink Digital Camera 

Pink Digital Watch 

Leap Pad Learning System 

High School Musical Mystery Date 

Girlz Only Board Game 

Luscious Lil' Laptop 

I Spy Board Game 

Inline Skates 

Jump Ropes 

Ribbon Dancers 

Hula Hoops 


Stationary Kit 

Art Supply Kit 

Beading Kit 


Easy Knitting Kit 

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