Gifts for Women Buying Guide

Buying gifts for the women in your life isn't complicated. Stressful, perhaps, in the way shopping in general can be stressful, but really, there's nothing to it. There are myriad ways to choose the perfect gift for your mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, or friend. Pay attention and be thoughtful; we all know it's the thought that counts in the gift-giving realm. Listen to her dislikes and likes, and take note of her personal style . Whether you are shopping for a girlfriend  who worships the pages of Glamour  or buying for a tomboy pal, we've got all your bases covered. And remember, when in doubt, jewellery  is usually a stellar option.

For the Fashionista

Nailing down a friend or girlfriend's personal style  is tricky, especially if she's the type to follow all the latest trends. What style trouser is so last year, again? Avoid embarrassment by getting her a fashion staple , an accessory that will help her embrace the true fashionista  lifestyle.

Diamond Pendant 

Nothing quite says "I care" to a woman like a diamond.

Designer Handbag 

Look for bags by Gucci ,Chanel ,Louis Vuitton , and Marc Jacobs .

Digital Camera

She'll love taking glamorous photos with a stylish camera of her very own.

Stila Palette 

Get her a Stila eye shadow  or lipstick palette  and she'll have some fun with colour!

Designer Martini Glasses 

Perfect for the entertainer to serve her drinks!

Shoe Racks 

Let her keep her pumps separate from her flip-flops .


Her favourite scent (or a new one you think she'll love) makes a great gift.

Make-Up Case 

Perfect for the glamour girl  who needs to look pretty  wherever she goes.

Born to Shop City Guides 

These guides make shopping a billion times easier.

Jewellery Box 

A cute (or sophisticated) way to keep pearls  and diamonds  safe and organised .

The Pet Lover

These gifts are perfect for the woman who loves her dog or cat. Everything below will help her feel like her favourite four-legged pal is part of the family. These definitely work best as an extra present, though, lest she think you prefer her pet.

Bird Feeder 

Let your favourite lady cultivate a population of birds outside her home.

Designer Pet Carrier 

Now her pooch can go everywhere she does!

Self Cleaning Litter Box 

This is an enclosed loo for your cat that comes with a roll-out tray for easy disposal of waste.

Pewter Collar Charms 

Consider personalised or decorated charms for dogs and cats.

Laser Cat Toy 

Cats will go crazy with this light-up toy.

The Luxurious Woman

If you know a woman who loves pampering herself, these gifts will add to her relaxation routine. The beauty of these items is that they are an excellent choice for just about any lady. Know a workaholic ? These will give her a much needed break.

Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath 

This can be added to bathwater to instantly turn it into a relaxing gel that eases achy joints and opens pores.

Massage Chair 

Your hard-working woman should have a massage while she watches the telly.

Silk Robe 

At the end of the day, letting this robe glide over the skin will make any woman feel relaxed.

Relaxation Sound Machine 

Especially suitable for blocking out noises from next-door neighbours.

Aromatherapy Candles 

Specifically designed to help maintain calm and serenity.

The University Woman

Do you know a woman who is at university (or will be soon)? These gifts are just for dormitory life  and keeping up with classes and deadlines. 


This is for the student who doesn't want to lug heavy textbooks around campus.

Personal Organisers 

If she has lots of new responsibilities, these organisers will help her handle them.

Shower Flip Flops 

These are always a safe bet when living in the dorms.


This is perfect for bringing coffee  or tea  to those three-hour lectures.

Tool Set 

Now that she's living on her own, having a tool set will be useful.

The Culinary Woman

Whether she just loves to cook or enjoys throwing parties, these gifts are awesome for the kitchen or bar. Try to find something she doesn't already have; it can be hard to get excited by yet another knife set.

Sushi Set 

This is a fun way to serve sushi, and it really makes it authentic.

Unbreakable Barware 

For the girl who hosts a lot of parties, this is an invaluable item!

Cheese Plates 

Fantastic for appetisers, especially cheese  and crackers .

Modern Cocktail Shakers 

What's better than making drinks? Making them in a pretty new cocktail shaker!

Giant Cupcake Tin 

For the baker, this is a tool that makes one giant cupcake that many people can split. Delicious!

The Fitness Gal

Fitness can mean different things to different women. Is she an athlete or does she enjoy a Pilates workout  once a week? These gifts are top-notch for any woman who takes health, fitness, and sport seriously.

Heart Rate Monitors 

Now she can check if her workout is high impact.

Workout Videos 

A way for the fitness guru to stay motivated at home.

Waterproof iPod Case 

Especially useful for the swimmer.

Workout Apparel 

Every woman who works out could use more of this!

Performance Socks 

These are functional non-slip socks that help to cushion a runner's feet.

The Gadget Loving Woman

Most people can't help but be gadget freaks these days, there's so much you can use and slip right into a pocketbook ! Give Ms. Inspector Gadget exactly what she wants this year, whether it's extra memory or a shiny new smartphone.


Camcorders come in all styles now, so they can fit right in your pocket!

Antec Fan Pal 

This little desktop fan can cool you off and give you an LED light show.

Ultrasonic Washer 

Ultrasonic waves get everything extra clean.

Portable TV Tablet 

This is a small screen that you can carry around and watch TV anywhere.

Radio Toaster 

Combines two important appliances you into one.

The Nerdy Girl

Thanks to their enthusiasm, it's not too hard to work out the specifics of a nerdy girl's tastes. If she loves comics or is really into The Hitchhiker's Guide, you probably already know about it. Use that to both of your advantages and get something she'll love.

Lord of the Rings Collector Edition 

Now she can journey to Middle Earth with a leather bound set of books!


Give her a way to hold up her large collection of novels.

Multilingual Translator 

For the budding linguaphile who wants to translate at any time.

Pen Scanners 

This reads definitions of words aloud with the touch of a button.

Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain Torch 

A mini lightsaber available in Darth, Luke and Yoda colours.

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